VXI-RDAM Optex Wireless Ready Pet Tolerant Dualtech Outdoor Detector

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Add Outdoor Security to your wireless alarm system with this Optex outdoor motion detector. The Optex VXi-RDAM solves these problems by allowing easily install outdoor detection by using your new or existing wireless technology. The Optex VXi-RDAM is compatible with most manufacturers wireless technology and comes with a weatherized back box for easy installation. VXi-RDAM comes with 100lb. Pet Immunity, provides a 40ft. by 40ft. detection pattern and is completely weatherized for direct exposure to the elements.

Manufacturers Wireless Transmitter Required

Transmitter Compatibility List: (Visonic: MCT302) (DSC: WS4945) (Honeywell: 5816WMWH) (Interlogix: 60-362-10-319.5/NX-650N) (QolSys QS-1100-P01)

Brand: Optex
Part Number: VXI-RDAM

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Building upon features inherited from the VX-402 series, VX Infinity presents infinite possibility with the power of detection designs. VXI-ST demonstrates long & stable performance in typical outdoor environments. The VX Infinity Series is manufactured to excel in its performance whether as a perimeter detection solution, spot / area detection solution, or as an immediate perimeter/boundary solution directly on a structure (walls and rooftops).

Digital Double Layer Detection: Both an upper and a lower detection areas must simultaneously be crossed to generate an alarm. The detections are independently analyzed so that a misleading coincidence of events can be filtered out. This technology virtually eliminates detections of smaller animals in the premises.

SMDA logic (Super Multidimensional Analysis): All VXI models are equipped with a digitally enhanced signal recognition logic called SMDA. SMDA improves immunity against various noise factors such as climate changes and vegetation sways. VXIs expands applicable fields and reliability beyond what VX-402R was capable.

Anti-Masking: Active IR anti-masking provides a higher level of security by detecting objects or other materials/substances on the lens surface.

 Dual PIR and Microwave: Integrated algorithm for PIR and Microwave detection provides stability in detection and performance.  In locations with strong sunlight interference or facing direct headlights from automobile traffic, the VXI-DAM/RDAM offers an even higher false alarm reduction.

    Dual PIR Detection
    Battery Powered
    Sensitivity Adjustment Switch
    Walk Test Mode LED
    Double Conductive Shielding
    Area Defining Masking Seals
    Cover Tamper
    Quick install
    Area masking templates
    SMDA Logic (minimizes false and missed alarms)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number VXI-RDAM
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(1) VXI-RDAM Optex Wireless Ready Pet Tolerant Dualtech Outdoor Detector

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Detection Method: Passive Infrared and Microwave
PIR Coverage: 12.0m (40 ft) 90 degrees wide/ 16 zones
PIR distance limit: 12-2.5m (5 levels)
Detectable Speed: 0.3-1.5m/s (0.98-4.92 ft/s)
Sensitivity: 2.0 Degrees C (3.6 degrees F) at 0.6 m/s
Power Input: 3- 9 vdc (Lithium or Alkaline battery)
Current Draw: 18 ua (standby) / 8 ma (max) at 3 VDC
Alarm Period: 2.0 +/-1 sec.
Warm-up Period: Approx. 60 sec (LED blinks)
Alarm Output: N.C. / N.O. Selectable-solid state switch 10 VDC 0.01 A (Max)
Trouble Output: N.C. / N.O. Selectable-solid state switch 10 VDC 0.01 A (Max)
LED Indicator: Disable: During normal operation.
                           Enable: During WALK TEST or LED SW on.
                           Red: Warm-up, alarm,masking detection.
                           Yellow: Warm-up, MW detect.
RF Interference: No alarm 10 v/m
Operating temperature: -20- 45 C (-4 - 113 F)
Environment Humidity: 95% Max
International protection: IP55
Mounting: Wall, Pole (Indoor/Outdoor)
Mounting height: 0.8-1.2m (2.64-3.94 FT)
Weight: 21.2 oz