Visonic Powermax Plus Wireless Home Security System

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Visonic PowerMax Plus is the perfect way to kick off your home security needs. The kit has everything to get started, as well as the option to add on later.
Brand: Visonic Security Systems


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Visonic Security Systems



The Visonic PowerMax Plus Wireless Home Security System is an affordable and very advanced home monitoring system, created for the do-it-yourself home owner ready to knit a warm blanket of protection over their property and loved ones. Great for homes, apartments, condos and small offices, this durable home security system is the best starter kit for defense against theft and fire.

This alarm key pad is your command center. It houses all of your settings along with the soft key control panel and siren. How will you know if your alarm has been triggered? The key pad incorporates hands free 2-way voice communication for constant connection between you and an alarm monitoring organization. That means full-time security, 24/7!

Just the right amount of accessories are included with this alarm kit for monitoring your property effectively. 2 easy installation door/window contacts are included to keep entry ways guarded and the control panel is capable of adding more transmitters at your discretion! A wireless Pet-tolerant PIR motion detector is also included and just like the contacts- even more can be added! The Plus's key fob makes arming and disarming simple from inside or outside your home and- yes, more of these can be added to this system as well!

With these accessories, you get 28 wireless zones of monitoring and 2 hardwired zones. We suggest this product for homes, apartments and small offices because that's a perfect amount of coverage for these properties.

The PowerMax Plus Wireless Alarm System is a complete security solution for anyone ready to start building their safety now, while leaving the opportunity for expansion open for later.

PowerMax+ Features:

  • Plug and Protect(TM) fast and easy installation
  • Remote home management - alarms, lights, appliances, A/C - via telephony.
  • Complete home control solution - provides status updates & controls up to 15 electrical devices (dim/bright, etc.)
  • Detectors supported: PIR and pet-immune motion detectors; glass-break, flood, smoke and gas detectors; door/window magnetic contact, and more
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, pagers, mobile phones and regular phones.
  • Family message center with standard and remote access for voice recording/playback.
  • Remotely initiated hands-free 2-way voice communication.
  • Latchkey mode informs parents of a child's arrival to the home.
  • Easy and convenient programming options.
  • Advanced jamming detection in compliance with the highest industry standards.
  • Full compliance with international standards and regulations.


I would like to purchase two Visonic POWERMAX+ systems but would like to use the same telephone line, is this possible?
Yes, both systems can use the same line. However, only one system can dial out at a time.

I don't like the Voice/Chime feature on the POWERMAX+, is there anything I can do?
The POWERMAX+ allows you to adjust the voice volume up or down. You may also turn off the feature entirely.

How loud is the built-in siren on the POWERMAX+ control panel?
The built-in siren on the POWERMAX+ features 85 decibels of volume.

What happens if the telephone line is cut before a possible intruder enters?
If the telephone line gets cut, the system will not dial out. However, the siren will still sound.

Can I use the SSX-81S-B - Amseco 25 Watt Armored Siren/Strobe with my POWERMAX+ Powermax Plus Wireless Home Security System?
Yes it is possible, however you will need to add a power kit to your system for it to function. You can find it at PWRKT.

Additional Info

Additional Info

What's in the box (1) Controller, Receiver, Sounder, and Keypad
(1) 4-Button keyfob (MCT234)
(2) Mini Magnetic Contact (MCT302)
(1) Wireless Pet-Tolerant Digital PIR Detector (K9-85MCW)
(1) Transformer
(1) Backup Battery
Variant N/A


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