DISC- Visonic DISC Miniature 360 Ceiling Mount PIR Detector

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DISC incorporates a 360 Degree detection pattern, floor coverage up to 36 ft (11 m) diameter, adjustable alternate polarity pulse counter, and an advanced RFI protection. FEAT
Brand: Visonic Security Systems
Part Number: DISC


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Visonic Security Systems



Miniature 360° Ceiling Mount PIR Detector

Disc is the smallest 360° ceiling-mount PIR detector available today. Boasting a miniature size of 8.6cm (3-3/8 inches) and sleek elegant design, Disc blends inconspicuously into any decor.

Into this miniature unnoticeable housing, Visonic packs a powerful combination of features, for maximal performance, reliability and false alarm immunity. Standard features include: a high-quality, low-noise dual-element detector; 360° detection pattern; floor coverage of up to 10.8m (36ft), adjustable pulse counter, and more.

The Disc miniature PIR detector is easily installed in any ceiling up to 3.6m (12 ft). Its elegant design, durable construction and simple installation make Disc the best professional choice of ceiling mount PIR detector for home, office and other commercial applications.

Disc Features

  • The world's smallest ceiling-mount PIR detector.
  • Dimensions: 8.6cm (3.4 inch) diameter, 2.5cm (1 inch) depth.
  • Blends seamlessly into any decor.
  • 360° detection pattern.
  • Floor coverage of up to 10.8m (36ft).
  • Adjustable 1 or 2 alternate polarity pulse counter.
  • Exceptionally high reliability and false alarm immunity.
  • Easily installed in any ceiling up to 3.6m (12 ft).
  • Durable sleek and elegant design.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number DISC
What's in the box (1) Visonic DISC Miniature 360 Ceiling Mount PIR Detector
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Detection Pattern A virtually conical pattern of maximum 10.5 m (36 ft) diameter, when installed on a 3.6 m (12ft) ceiling
Coverage Patterns  
  The DISC pattern is nearly conical (viewed from detector to the floor). See Figure 1.
The maximum mounting height is 3.6m (12 ft). The coverage pattern at floor level is as per the following table:

Mounting Height Pulse Count 1 Pulse Count 2
2.4m (8ft.)
3m (10ft.)
3.6m (12ft.)
7.3m diam. (24ft. diam.)
9m diam. (30ft. diam.)
11m diam. (36ft. diam.)
6.4m diam. (21ft. diam.)
7.3m diam. (24ft. diam.)
9.1m diam. (30ft. diam.)

Voltage 9 to 15.5VDC
Current I5mA at 12 VDC (21 mA max.)
Relay Output Normally closed (fail-safe) contacts. 18 ohm resistor in series with contacts. Rating - 0.1A resistive/24VDC
Alarm Period 2-7 seconds
Tamper Contacts Normally closed. Rating - 0.5A resistive/ 24VDC
LED Walk Test enabled or disabled with internal link
Detector Dual-element low-noise pyroelectric detector
Pulse Counter Two position selector, 1 or 2 pulses with alternate polarity signal processing
Ceiling Mounting Maximum mounting height 3.6 m (12 ft)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 49°C (14°F to 120°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C ( -4°F to 140°F)
Compliance with Standards EN 50131-1 Grade 2, Class II
Dimensions (diam. x H) 86 x 24 mm (3-3/8 x 15/16 in)
Weight 64 grams (2 oz)
Color White