USP Voice Dialer 4 Channels 8 Numbers

Voice/Pager Dialer with "Listen In" and "Two Way" Voice Verification Four Zone-Calls up to eight different telephone numbers or pagers (numeric) Listen
Brand: United Security Products
Part Number: AD2000

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The AD-2000 USP Voice Dialer with 4 Channels and 8 Numbers is a standalone dialer that provides reliable emergency notifications 24 hours a day. It calls up to 8 telephones, cell phones and pagers and is your first line of defense against power failure, change in temperature, floods and the trigger of external sensors. Where this dialer stands apart from others: it has 2-way listen in verification capability, so you not only get an automated call alerting you of a change at your property, you can also immediately hear what is happening.

It runs on a 12 VDC plug and is hard wired. With 4 channels, you have options on what sensors you want to monitor. Its EEPROM memory retains program despite power loss, it houses a user-friendly key pad with a cover and has a built-in auxiliary output to drive external sirens, strobes or relays. The AD2000 is packed with features for every do-it-yourself home or business owner.

This automatic voice/pager security dialer sends 4 separate voice message alarm zones to up to 8 different phone/pager numbers. You have the option to choose 1-9 calling efforts for the numbers dialed and select 1-3 message repeats with a vocal update of the action at your property via English. This dialer also goes two ways. Not only listen-in, but speak through to your home or business with an external speaker/ microphone (not included).

Voice dialers are reliable insurance plans to protect your property. This particular voice dialer features capabilities that every home or business owner yearns for. Listen in, communicate two ways and ultimately stay more aware of what is happening at your property, as it happens.


  • Listen In and Two way voice capability are ideal for burglary verification or other personal / commercial communication applications.
  • EEPROM and non-volatile memory for complete programming retention in the event of extended power loss.
  • Sends Four messages up to 8 telephone numbers. 51 Second Message Length
  • Sends Four numeric codes up to 8 pagers.
  • Sends Four voice messages up to 8 telephone numbers or delivers numeric code up to 8 local pagers or any combination of both (Four Zone / Eight Number / 51 Second Message Maximum).
  • Automatically skips to next number when line is busy or no answer.
  • Playback voice message through internal speaker
  • Dialing is continuous and stops when alarm input resets
  • LED display to show keyed-in telephone numbers while programming
  • Four programmable alarm inputs: NC, NO or voltage
  • Up to 50 digits per telephone number stored
  • Easy verification of telephone numbers stored
  • User-friendly function keys to program numbers and voice programming

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number AD2000
What's in the box (1) USP Voice Dialer 4 Channels 8 Numbers
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Excellent Product! I highly recommend this dialer.Review by Gene
I have had this U.P.S.Autodialer in service for approximately 5 years. Channel 1 is used for an intrusion alarm. Channel 2 is connectred to a smoke/ fire detection device. Channel 3 is connected to and aux. thermostat set just above freezing, to notify me if my heating system, should fail. Channel 4 is connected through a relay which notifies me if my power should go out.
This dialer has 8 numbers to call in case of an emergency. I highly recommend you program your cell phone number in the list first and family and friends as backup.
I have never had this unit fail to operate as specified. I have accidentaly set the dialer off a couple times by unlocking and opening a door while the alarm was activated. What a great product! (Posted on 12/28/2015)

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