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Network Wire

To build a strong network, you need the proper wires and we have exactly what you need here at HomeSecurityStore.com. Cat 5 (Category 5) UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Wire is the standard for data networking, phone systems and video transmission. Cat 5 will not only network computers, it will usually take care of telephones and appliances as well. We stock Cat 5 wires in multiple colors for your convenience and preference.

The do-it-yourself installer should always know their system better than anyone else, so here’s some more facts about our networking wire that you may need to know: A Cat 5 wire (sometimes known as “cable”) has 4 pairs of wires within one cable jacket. These colors are blue, green, orange and brown. They each serve a communication purpose and, being balanced, these running lines help keep a high signal-to-noise ratio even with interference from other pairs and external sources.

We offer the cable jacket in a few different colors to cater to your home’s style. Hardwired products can sometimes affect the seamlessness of your home, which is why we stock a selection, so you can find the best fit for your home. We also supply network wire in pull boxes for storage and to avoid a mess.

Convenience and fluency are always on our mind here at HomeSecurityStore.com. We carry the tools you need so your networking project will be enlightening, fun and interesting. Our professionals always instruct more research and guidance in all of your home security projects, but sometimes its best if you just go for it. With 1,000 feet of wire in our selection of products, find what you need to strengthen you home at HomeSecurityStore.com.


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