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Fire Wire

For communication from your alarm system to your fire alarm accessories, check out our stock or fire wires here at HomeSecurityStore.com. A fire wire will ensure that, with your hardwired alarm system, all of your products are running on the same connected wire. For fire safety equipment, hardwired systems are reliable and increase communication with the security of always being plugged in.

Determining which type of fire wire you need shouldn’t be very difficult. It is labeled usually labeled on the box or packaging that your accessory (like a smoke detector) came in. The package should tell you how many conductors (wires) there are and the gauge size. The gauge of the wire is the thickness of it- the higher number of the gauge, the smaller the wire will be.

We offer fire wires in different lengths and wires for your convenience. It’s always better to have more than you need, for the present and the future. We stock fire wire from 500 feet to 1000 feet, to cover more than enough ground in your home or business. All of our fire wire is 18 gauge, mostly because this is the standard for home monitoring wire products. Our variations of 2 or 4 wire sets is what sets based on how many feet you need is what sets us apart from the rest.

All of our fire wires are stored in convenient boxes to prevent frustration and save time. Get what you need to keep everyone safe during a fire here at HomeSecurityStore.com.


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