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Surveillance Tools

Here at HomeSecurityStore.com, our number one goal is to give you everything you need to protect yourself and those you care about. To turn your home or business into a safe fortress, you’re going to need tools and we definitely have the tools you need to build and enforce your home surveillance system.

Tools are sometimes overlooked, but if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person then you know how important they are. Without the proper tools, a hardwired system could make your property look unorganized or in disarray. Clean-up and blend your home security system right into your walls with our stock of surveillance tools.

Stripping tools are extremely important, especially if you have to replace wire. With our options of stripping tools, simply cut through the wire’s jacket to fix, replace or enhance the communication between camera and DVR or power cords. We stock a few different kinds of stripping tools for your convenience. Browse and find the stripping tool that is right for you in our stock.

Crimping tools also make working with wires much easier. Bend, cut, strip and crimp surveillance wire instantly and quickly with our Crimping Tool for coax cable.

Staple Guns and staples are a must when working with wire and we’ve got you covered. Our staple gun is built to outperform and our insulated staples keep metal away from wires with an innovative design catered to home surveillance systems.

For everything you need to build a strong, trusty and resilient home security system, stick with our tools and we’ll keep you safe.


Minimal Price: $8.00