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Alarm Tools

The Need for Alarm Tools

When you’re ready to install your home alarm system, you just can’t do it with your hands alone. Just like Barack Obama needs a tele-prompter, you too need the proper tools to succeed. That’s why as you make out your home security system wish list you should not forget to list out the required tools.

There are some tools which are a necessity and some luxury tools that you can opt to buy which professional installers would use. First, you will need wire cutters. At the very basic these wire cutters should be able to strip six standard wire sizes without nicking a wire. These wire cutters will be used to strip the wires that connect from the control panel to the sensors and motion detectors, plus from the control panel to the transformer, and so forth. If the job calls for it, you can opt for multi-conductor cable cutters that cut both wire and coaxial cable. If you will encounter hard to reach areas you will need a ladder as well.

You will also need a wire and cable staple gun. Such a stapler will shoot insulated staples which you will also need to buy. Of course a stapler is needed so you can staple down the wire to the wall and to the wire outline that you have designed. In doing this, you will also likely need electrical tape.

You will need a couple of screwdrivers with multiple heads as well. This is for unscrewing and screwing sensors, motion detectors, and the control panel battery holders to name a few uses. You will also be better prepared if you have a drill and drill bit. It might also be a good idea, depending on the work load, to wear protective goggles and gloves.

Other optional tools that professionals use to install home alarm systems are wire pullers, fish tape, test sets, and a tone generator and tracer to identify wires. You should know going into any DIY project you will need the proper tools to complete your mission, plus the tools that you might need to troubleshoot with.


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