Emergency Exit Lighting Battery

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Emergency Exit Lighting Battery

Safety first. This should always be the plan of any builder and facilitator of a commercial building or office space. Emergency Exit Lights are the guide to safety for any employee, guest or student within your building and it’s important they always stay bright and vibrant.

The importance of an Emergency Exit Light is often overlooked. What leads you to safety when smoke from a fire clouds a room? How do you know which way to evacuate if you haven’t been through the disaster evacuation plan? Your Emergency Exit Light is everyone’s compass to safety, but how do you keep it powered and running constantly? A strong battery.

Home Security stocks UL Listed batteries (the industry standard in safety clearance) for a reason. We believe in quality and safety above all else. Our batteries that light Emergency Exit signs vary in size, amount of power and life span because we know that you need options.

All of our Emergency Exit Light batteries are UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) so they can serve more than one purpose because flexibility is never a bad thing. UPS batteries are great for use with Emergency Lighting, ATVs, Gate Openers, Medical Mobility and security systems among many other uses.

Light up the darkness and the path to safety with help from HomeSecurityStore.com’s supply of Emergency Exit Light Batteries.

Emergency Exit Lighting Battery

Minimal Price: $24.95