Alarm Battery

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Alarm Batteries and Security System Battery

If you’re searching for home security supplies, then you know the importance of having a back-up or insurance plan in all situations. Buying extra alarm system batteries or having a replacement on hand is never a bad idea for the responsible home owner who is always trying to think one step ahead of a burglar and natural disaster.

What happens if a burglar cuts the power to your home when you’re running on a hardwired system? How do you stay alert when a power outage occurs in the middle of the night? What if the battery dies in your wireless alarm system? You won’t ever have to worry about these questions again because HomeSecurityStore.com has the answers you need in our huge stock of house alarm batteries.

Wireless alarm system batteries, brand new, will last from about 3-5 years. This is an estimate, but if you plan on keeping your security active for a longer amount of time, it’s time to consider a fail safe plan. We have extremely large and powerful back-up house alarm batteries and smaller, more concentrated products in our huge stock.

For power to your alarm system and more, we carry UPS alarm system batteries that are ideal for security, emergency lighting, gate openers and ATVs. We also carry house alarm batteries fit to specific systems. Most of our back-up and replacement alarms are generic and will work for more than one system, but HomeSecurityStore.com takes pride in finding the right product for the right customer. Browse our stock and find the alarm battery that best suits your needs.

Alarm Battery

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