Video Baby Monitors

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Video Baby Monitors

Parenting is demanding and sometimes requires your attention to be in two places at once. “How can I cook for the rest of the family and keep an eye on my sleeping baby?” “I really need to finish this project by Thursday, but my baby needs attention.” We have a solution: Video Baby Monitors. Our baby monitors come with amazing capabilities: everything from video and audio control -ability to talk back to your baby and sooth them to sleep- to mobile monitors with Skype compatibility. We carry some of the top-rated brands in the industry.

Here’s what you need to know when deciding on which video baby monitor is right for you:

Wireless and portable should be your standard for your video baby monitor. The transmitter device should contain a microphone and camera (placed in the same room as your baby), while the receiver should have a monitor and speaker at bare minimum. Some systems include a video monitor, microphone and speaker so you can communicate instantly with your baby. A mother or father’s soothing voice is priceless to a baby’s ears.

Motion detection, night vision and temperature monitoring are also significant features that your baby monitor should include and of course we stock high performance products with these features here at HomeSecurityStore.com. Convenience is also important. An all-in-one table stand and belt clip make for quick and easy response to your baby in need.

Make sure you have the baby monitor that best suits your family and expect only the highest quality from HomeSecurityStore.com.

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Video Baby Monitors

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