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Camera Power Supplies

To go alongside your hardwired security camera system, you’re going to need a power supply that best suits your system. You can always take the alternative route and power each camera to a power strip, but it could turn into a wiring nightmare.

Here at HomeSecurityStore.com, we supply multiple options for your security camera kit from very popular manufacturers like Atrix and Altronix. Power boxes we carry can support anywhere from 9 to 18 channels, for the average surveillance system and the super-powered. These boxes are convenient and help create a more organized security system.

Here’s what you need to know before you make a selection on which power supply box is right for you:

Make sure you know how much power the box will provide. Our boxes are usually around 12 volts of DC power. In regards to amps- the bigger the amp, the more the power supply.

For each camera included with your specific system, you’re going to need a fused protective output. If your system contains 8 cameras, you’re going to need at least 8 fused protected outputs. The more fuses inside the box, the more cameras you can attach and support the energy for.

The box itself should be durable, preferably metal and should be mounted away from water. This includes bath tubs, sinks and sprinklers if you’re home or business requires them for fire protection. It seems self-explanatory, but when dealing with power boxes, you can never be too safe.

Pay attention to which protective function the power supply features. These include: over-current protection, output short circuit protection and over voltage protection. We believe in safety at HomeSecurityStore.com and that’s why we stock an array of power supply boxes that support each of these functions.

Power Supplies

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