16 Camera Systems

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16 Camera Systems

If you have a property which requires a 16 camera system, then you are likely very serious about security. That’s why having a web ready DVR or recording device is vital to your security plan. Having such a system in place will allow you to remotely view what is happening in real time at your property when you are not there.

Setting up such a remote system is fairly simple. For the most part, you connect the DVR to your internet connected router and set it up with the included software. Doing so allows you to view real time footage and view recorded video footage remotely with any internet connection. This means you can even peak in on what your surveillance system is recording from the convenience of your own cell phone.

In addition, you will want your DVR to be dynamic DNS supported, which means you can view your surveillance footage from a fixed browser and from any internet connection without having to install additional software.

If you have a 16 camera system in place, it is also very likely that you have many valuable items to protect and potentially live in a prominent neighborhood. If you do live in such a neighborhood, you should know that your neighborhood is not any safer than a neighborhood in the slums, and your home may even be a bigger target. That’s why security should be a priority. Having a surveillance system in place will also help the police find and return stolen goods, plus video is considered strong evidence in court.

16 Camera Systems

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