1 Camera Systems

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1 Camera Systems

A one camera system is ideal for an apartment, small condo, or small business. It can also be used to watch over an elderly person or patient in an isolated area or be used as a stationary baby monitor. A one camera system is an economical choice too, especially if you are on a budget, but still want the safety and intimidation which a surveillance system can provide.

A One camera system is also often easy to install, even the wired systems. However, when you purchase such a wired system you will want to make sure that the extension cord between the camera and the monitor or DVR is long enough for the layout that you are looking to achieve.

It is also possible for your one camera system to grow with you as you move into a larger house or as your needs change. That’s because many one camera systems can incorporate other cameras as well. If you are looking to use your camera outdoors, you will want to ensure that the camera casing is durable, it is rust free, it has a sunshade, and it comes with a bracket. It should also be infrared (IR) so the camera can capture images at night and in low light situations.

When you are dealing with a one camera system, the one camera should be placed in the most vulnerable area there is such as the front door or the cash register area. Furthermore, when installing it outdoors make sure no trees or other greenery obstructs the camera’s coverage.

1 Camera Systems

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