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DVR Lock Boxes & Brackets

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DVR Lock Boxes & Brackets

For the most professional of surveillance security systems, a DVR lock box helps to make your set-up complete. Not only is a DVR lock box low key, but it helps to protect against tampering. This particular type of box typically works with a key for accessibility and a fan for cooling your system.

When purchasing a DVR lock box, you will want to make sure that your DVR or VCR fits within the dimensions of the box. The box should also be made of a durable steel casing which has knock-outs or exit ways for cable to pass through.

When it comes to placement of your surveillance DVR and lock box it should be somewhere discreet. If you have the security system set up in a business the DVR should be in a backroom where a limited amount of people are allowed. Furthermore, only trusted managers should have a key or be made accessible to the key. The same mentality goes for the home. A good place to put your DVR and lock box is in a closet of some sort which is centrally located between your security cameras. The DVR should definitely be placed behind a closed door and when company comes over you should not show off the system. You never can be too cautious.

Typically a lock box comes with two keys. Of course you should have a set of keys that you either keep on you on your personal key chain or that you hide within the house. Make sure it is a hiding place that you will remember and an area that a thief would not think to look. The second pair of keys can be placed in a safety deposit box at your bank or be placed with a trusted family member or friend.

DVR Lock Boxes & Brackets

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