Connectors & Adapters

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Connectors & Adapters

The purpose of connectors and adapters is generally to achieve compatibility between different electronic systems. Since you are dealing with video and audio applications, these items are valuable in putting together a surveillance system that includes cameras, a DVR, and a monitor for viewing.

HomeSecurityStore.com has a selection of BNC connectors, RCA connectors, and DC adapters, plus a BNC male to RCA female connector and vice versa. A double female connector made to split two male BNC connectors is also available. The same goes for the male/female split of two DC adapters.

The aforementioned connectors and adapters are more traditional and common, but we also have connectors that should be useful in surveillance which utilize more advanced technology.

One connector for purchase deals with connecting BNC cable to Cat 5. This particular type of video transceiver allows you to send power and video signals using a single Cat 5 or higher cable. (Cat 5 wire is a new standard of wiring that can be used for standard data networking, phone systems, and video transmission.)

Another more expensive connecting device is one that converts analog video and audio to digital via a USB port. You can use this with a variety of applications including recording directly into your computer’s hard drive, therefore eliminating the need for a separate DVR.

Putting together a surveillance security system can be simple and worry-free if you have the right tools, knowledge, and equipment. Part of that equipment includes the appropriate connectors and adapters.

Connectors & Adapters

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