Speed Dome Fake Surveillance Camera | DC-29

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Installing realistic looking Dome Fake Surveillance Camera will deter crime and prevent property damage by fooling criminals into believing you have a real surveillance system.
Brand: WINN
Part Number: DC-29

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When it comes to the security of your home, office or business you should consider outdoor, dummy or as some people call them fake, surveillance cameras and here's why! They offer a cheap alternative to the real thing; and to be perfectly honest, unless you are within two or 3 feet of the camera, you cannot tell the difference between a fake home surveillance camera and the real thing.

Fake security cameras are going to make certain criminals think twice before they do anything remotely illegal at a home or business. From a distance, they tell criminals to stay away because their image will be on camera if they get close. They are a great way to deter people who are not going to check any further or who are skittish.

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Additional Info

Part Number DC-29
What's in the box 1 - Speed Dome Fake Surveillance Camera
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