Solo C6 Carbon Monoxide CO Detector Tester

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CO detectors protect lives by sampling the air and measuring the amount of CO present over a time period.
Brand: Solo Detector Testers
Part Number: SOLOC6

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What is carbon monoxide?
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, tasteless and highly toxic gas. CO is produced from devices such as heating systems and power tools which fail to function correctly or are not properly vented.

Why should we test CO detectors?
CO detectors protect lives by sampling the air and measuring the amount of CO present over a time period. If a dangerous level of CO is detected the detector will enter into alarm.

Many states and municipalities now require CO detectors to be installed (see map over). In addition to this, new legislation is on the way which will make the installation and testing of CO detectors mandatory in all states.

Is Solo C6 safe to use?
Yes, when used correctly, and in accordance with manufacturers instructions SoloC6 poses no threat to the user or those close by. CO is only harmful when high levels are present in the air for an extended period of time. SoloC6 is a UL Classified product.

How long will it take to test a detector?
A working detector should take seconds to test.

What detectors can be tested with Solo C6?
SoloC6 is the result of an 18 month joint development project with System Sensor. SoloC6 is compatible with the System Sensor CO 1224T/1224A detector, the first system CO detector with a built in test feature.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester


  • Genuine and non-flammable CO gas
  • Fast test and re-set time
  • Controllable
  • Safe
  • Detector manufacturer endorsed
  • Designed for use with System Sensor CO1224T/1224A
  • UL Classified

In the same way that smoke detectors need to be regularly tested, it is also important to test system-connected CO detectors. Legislation governing CO detectors is changing, many states already require the installation of CO detectors, and this will soon extend country wide and with it will bring new legislation on the testing of detectors.*

SoloC6 provides a fast and simple way of meeting the requirements of the new legislation by introducing real CO to the sensing cell of the detector.

As the world's first UL Classified CO detector tester, SoloC6 is the professionals' choice for ultimate peace of mind in ensuring the detector is functioning correctly and protecting the lives of those around it.

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Additional Info

Part Number SOLOC6
What's in the box (1) Solo C6 Carbon Monoxide CO Detector Tester
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