QuickClot Sport - Advanced Clotting Sponge

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When injuries occur far from immediate medical attention, QuikClot Sport helps control bleeding until help arrives or you can get to an appropriate medical facility.
Brand: SOL
Part Number: 5020-0007

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Injuries are imminent. Protect yourself with QuikClot Sport. QuikClot is a reliable bandage made of an advanced clotting sponge that is used by emergency personnel to stop bleeding FAST. It's meant for temporary external application and especially useful when kept in a personal first aid kit.

Carry it in your back pack or survival gear when you go hunting, camping or on a recreation vacation. It's also effective for daily injuries. Keep this advanced trauma pad in your gym bag, glove box or hand bag. It might save your life one day.

This sports bandage can be used to quickly treat cuts, gashes and other sports injuries and is considered proper wound care by medical officials. Each single-use mesh pouch will feel warm when applied, accelerating clotting and keeping you from bleeding out.

How To Use:

1) Rip open pack and remove QuikClot.

2) Place on wound. Apply pressure.

3) Continue to apply pressure until bleeding stops.

4) Wrap QuikClot to hold in place. Do not remove until medical care is available.


  • Quick Response to injury
  • For temporary external use to control bleeding
  • Accelerates clotting- STOPS BLEEDING FAST
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    Part Number 5020-0007
    What's in the box (1) QuickClot Sport - Advanced Clotting Sponge
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