SilverLite Remote Light Switch Activator

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This optional accessory allows you to turn a lamp on and off wirelessly when getting out of bed at night or entering your house in the dark, as many falls happen due to lack of proper lighting.
Brand: SilverPlus
Part Number: HC100LL

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SilverLite Remote Light Switch Activator

Many experts recommend having a light that is easily accessible at night, so you can illuminate your way and avoid the risk of falling. SilverLite is a remote light switch activator that is an accessory add-on to the SilverCare system. It works by inserting the SilverLite activator between a lamp plug and the wall outlet. It then allows you to conveniently turn on or off the lamp by pressing a button on your SilverCare Watch or Pendant. You can place a SilverLite near your front door so you do not have to enter a dark house, or place one in a hallway or bedroom so your path is always clearly lit. SilverLite can be used with any plug-in lamp.

Using SilverLite in conjunction with other fall prevention measures can greatly decrease your risk of falling.

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Additional Info

Part Number HC100LL
What's in the box (1) SilverLite Remote Light Switch Activator
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