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Halogen Security Lights

Harness the power of halogen, and experience maximum illumination for improved security. At HomeSecurityStore.com, we offer an assortment of the highest-quality halogen lights, made by Steinel America Corp, a world leader in lighting controls. These popular UltraEYE lights are available in multiple colors and dimensions to suit your needs, and we're offering them at an incredible value, so you can secure your entire perimeter.

Motion Detection Technology

These lights don't just brighten up your garden. They serve a very important purpose for home security. They're triggered by motion, and when used outside the home, they can go a long way in deterring would-be burglars. The brightness of the halogen bulbs (150 watts or 300 watts, depending on which light you choose) stops criminals in their tracks, because it sheds a spotlight on their activities. Place halogen lights near all major points of entry, including your front door, sliding glass door, side doors and windows.

Energy Efficiency

If you're concerned about energy efficiency, you'll definitely want to give these lights a closer look. Because they're motion activated, they only run as needed, and furthermore, many of these lights meet Energy Star Standards when used in the night lux settings. Check out the specifications on each product page to learn more about the Energy Star compliance.

Beyond Halogen

If you can't find what you're looking for in our halogen section, be sure to also check out our selection of LED lights. In addition to our motion-sensored lights, we also offer a wide selection of other battery-powered and hardwired lights, and even some that are entirely solar powered. We offer the ultimate selection, and we only carry the highest-quality products.

Order Yours Today

At HomeSecurityStore.com, we're passionate about security, and we want you to have the best. Explore the full inventory, and find all of the lights, alarms, cameras and other essentials necessary to turn your home or business into an impenetrable fortress. If you have any questions, we're always here to help, and if you're ready to order, we'll ship most items same business day. So look around, find what you need, and enjoy improved peace of mind.


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