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Safes can and should be discreet, especially for small and personal property like jewelry or cash. Here at HomeSecurityStore.com we have an array of diversion safes that look just like everyday items that would be scattered throughout any household. Clocks, books and even water bottle safes, with brand names like Dasani and Barbasol, intruders will never know where to find your valuables.

A petty thief always wants an easy steal. They’ll go straight to the bedroom, look under your mattress and in your jewelry box for any valuables that they can quickly grab and go. To avoid being robbed, our advice is: trick them. With an item like our Diversion Safe Shaving Cream Can, which looks exactly like a can of Barbasol shaving cream, burglars will never know that your shaving cream bottle safe is actually the most expensive thing they could’ve ever stolen.

For a stronger safe, check out our Cutting Edge Locking Book Safe with Key, which is disguised as an English dictionary, but when you open the cover you run into a lock box, requiring a key for entry. It’s especially great for hiding large amounts of cash right inside your bookshelf.

If you want to get really creative, check out our Diversion Safe Water Bottle, disguised as a Dasani water bottle, it’s so well built that it keeps your valuables sandwiched between actual water on the top and bottom of the safe with easily enough space to hide jewelry or cash.

Your safety is our number one priority and our experts at HomeSecurityStore.com have chosen some of the best diversion safes in the game to always keep the most meaningful things to you protected.


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