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GPS Tracking Devices

Did you know that you can track mileage, speed and time of anybody, just by attaching a magnetic GPS tracker to the bottom of their vehicle? Wouldn’t it be nice to always know where your child is, even if they’re just playing with the neighborhood kids? Here at HomeSecurityStore.com we know that more control and observation means more comfort which is why we carry some of the most innovative GPS tracking devices available.

Take the SecuraTrac Child Tracking Device, for example: it fits in the palm of your hand and is meant to be placed in your child’s backpack, wallet or pocket so you can monitor them no matter where they are on the globe right through your internet connection. The location of where the tracker is currently located streams right to your computer or smart phone at any time of the day and its accuracy is amazing.

For smaller children, our Mommy I’m Here Child Locator comes in the form of an adorable tiny blue or pink teddy bear that straps right onto a belt loop or tennis shoes. You can even set a perimeter on how far they can wander away until you are alerted. It looks so much like a decoration and/or clothing accessory that nobody, not even your kid will know they’re being tracked via GPS.

From simple to fun, children to adults, we have the GPS tracker you need at HomeSecurityStore.com. Browse through our stock and find the tracker and comfort you need to feel in more control of your life.

GPS & Tracking

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