Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

Keyless is the way to go. Those old-fashioned locks are getting easier and easier for today’s savvy thieves to infiltrate, and more families and business owners are discovering the superior advantage of keyless entry. Tossing out those old keys means never again having to call a locksmith, and never again having to worry about losing your keys. Just enter a simple code to unlock the door and gain entry into your home or business.

New Levels of Security

keyless locks aren’t just more convenient; they’re also far more difficult to get past. Quite often, intruders will use bump keys to subvert traditional locks. If your locks have the common cylinder and tumbler design, thieves may use these specially crafted keys to momentarily manipulate the key pins and driver pins, thereby allowing them to unlock even the firmest deadbolts. More than 90 percent of American households use locks that are vulnerable to bumping.

Revolutionary Magnetic Locks

While you’re here, be sure also to check out our wide array of magnetic locks (or electric locks) that may be used as part of a larger access control system. When the correct code is punched in on the remote keypad, the controller sends a signal to the locking device, which then unlocks the door. At HomeSecurityStore.com, we offer magnetic locks from leading manufacturers like Security Door Controls.

Fail Safe or Fail Secure?

Magnetic locks can be either fail safe or fail secure. A fail-safe lock will open during a power failure, while a fail-secure lock will lock during a power failure. When selecting your locking device, you’ll need to determine the amount of poundage that you need. Perhaps you want 600 pounds of tamper strength (meaning over 600 pounds of force is needed to force the lock open) or maybe you will want the added strength of 1,200 pounds.

Experience Keyless Entry

Among our wide stock of keyless entries, you’ll also find touch tag access control door locks and accessories, plus a swing door opener with remote. We offer same-day shipping and top notch customer services, and we thank you for choosing HomeSecurityStore.com. Explore the full array of options, and click on any product title to learn more. Experience residential and commercial security for the 21st century, and enjoy superior peace of mind.

Keyless Entry

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