Water & Flood Sensors

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Water and Flood Sensors

In order to ultimately protect a home, it is necessary to also protect it against environmental damage such as events that may cause flooding. Without adequate water leak detectors to alert a homeowner about threatening leaks, a home is susceptible to flooding and water damage that can ruin walls, flooring, furnishings and valuables. Our selection of water alarm systems and flood sensors provide hefty protection against these occurrences, however, and can all be installed as do-it-yourself projects.

Water alarm systems and flood sensors can be useful as standalone units or can work in tandem with an existing security system, with other environmental control systems or even with a separate dialer. Depending upon the type of process chosen, water alarm systems and flood sensors can immediately alert homeowners by alarm or by phone about dangerous water levels ranging from a slow, undetected leak to heavier flood waters. Some water sensor alarm models can even be programmed to shut predetermined valves off in order to prevent or minimize water damage during an emergency event.

Because water leak detectors can prevent a flood or, at the very least, alert occupants about flood dangers and allow time to either stop water leaks or move valuables out of flood areas, water alarm systems and flood sensors should be installed in areas where flooding is most likely. This includes areas like basements, underneath sinks, behind washing machines and near other appliances that are connected to water lines. While appliance failures have the potential to cause a major annoyance, homeowners can lessen the likelihood of severe damage simply by taking precautionary measures like installing water and flood sensors. For the best in flood protection, we recommend installing water leak detectors in a primary residence, as well as in vacation homes. Find the perfect water and flood sensor alarm for your home today.

Water & Flood Sensors

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