Freeze & Temperature Alarms

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Freeze & Temperature Alarms

Protecting a home from intrusion is always a top priority, but home security does not end there. Environmental damage and destruction are real dangers that every homeowner needs to protect against, which is why we also offer a wide selection of freeze and temperature alarms. Designed to alert homeowners whenever environmental changes present a threat to the home, these do-it-yourself devices are a must for every house, apartment and condominium. They are also highly recommended for environmental monitoring at vacation properties and business spaces.

Freeze Alarms

Our freeze alarms are designed to monitor multiple zones in a home in order to immediately detect dangerously low temperatures that may cause pipes to freeze or burst. Anyone who has experienced these events can attest to the damage that typically follows one of these events, such as:

  • Severe Flooding
  • Damaged walls and floors
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Damgage to Furniture
  • Loss of Valuables and Keepsakes by water, flooding, mold and mildew

Freeze and temperature alarms can be programmed to call multiple phone numbers in order to alert a homeowner whenever threatening environmental conditions exist. Temperature alarms can also be programmed to activate an audible security alarm whenever dangerous environmental changes occur. Some models can even detect water leaks, humidity levels and power failures, which can also lead to damage and loss of property within a home.

Our freeze and temperature alarms offer crucial 24/7 home monitoring. Environmental alarms can be programmed to communicate with wireless or hardwired alarm systems. Some, like the Winland Temp Alert, also do not require any power in order to operate, which reduces the likelihood of a system failure due to a loss of power. While home security against burglary is certainly important, it is also necessary to protect a home’s structure with a low temperature alarm system.

The holiday season is a vulnerable time for homes that are either left behind when families are on a holiday or simply out celebrating. It is best to invest in a secure and reliable alarm system that helps protect your home from thefts and other such vulnerabilities.

Freeze & Temperature Alarms

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