WatchOut Reliable Outdoor PIR Detection

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WatchOUT detectors offer exceptional installation flexibility, enabling precise coverage of the protected terrain. Standard wall swivels adaptor bracket. Digital correlation T
Brand: Rokonet
Part Number: RK312PR00USA

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WatchOUT Reliable Outdoor Detection

Providing reliable intruder detection in outdoor environments is a huge challenge. WatchOUT uses Selective Event Recognition to distinguish between real intrusion events and the numerous false alarm causes inherent in the unstable outdoor environment.

WatchOUT's Selective Event Recognition is enabled by 2 detection channels:

  • Digital Correlation Technology uses 2 PIR channels with separate optics to ensure that only targets creating a similar and correlated signal in both PIR channels can trigger an alarm. Pets, rapid temperature changes, and reflections are ignored.

Main Features

  • 2 PIR channels
  • Coverage 15m (50') 90deg. or 23m (75') 5deg.
  • Mounting height 1.0m-2.7m (3'3" to 8'10")
  • Pet immune up to 70cm (2'4") animal height
  • Wide range of professional swivels
  • Optional high quality camera
  • Active IR for Anti-Mask and "Dirty Lens" alerts
  • Unique Remote Control and Diagnostic capabilities
  • MW "Anti-Collision" enables adjacent detector installations
  • Protective hood and IP65 environment rating

Anti-Mask and "Dirty Lens" Alerts
Anti-mask protection is achieved by 4 active IR channels that continuously monitor and warn of any lens masking attempts. The 4 active IR channels also provide a unique "dirty lens" alert via a separate output or via the ProSYS bus, indicating that lens cleaning is required.

Digital Correlation Technology
Digital Correlation Technology is based on comparing the signals of two independent PIR channels, with separate lenses that create a vertically interlacing detection pattern. Digital Correlation Technology ensures that only targets that cause similar and correlated signal patterns in both PIR channels are taken into account. This eliminates false alarms from pets, reflections, car head lights, and rapid temperature changes caused by wind or changing sun/shade patterns from cloud movement. Digital Correlation Technology is a major improvement over conventional detectors with two PIR channels, which may false alarm when unrelated events, with different signal patterns, occur simultaneously in each of the PIR channels.

Remote Diagnostic and Control
Up to 32 WatchOUT detectors can be installed on the bus of RISCO Group's ProSYS Integrated Security System with no need for physical zone expanders. This provides time-saving remote control of all detector settings and advanced remote diagnostic capabilities, via the ProSYS keypad or the Upload/Download software.

Remote Control Setting Capabilities

  • LED control: 3 LEDs / 1 LED / Off
  • Detection sensitivity
  • MW range
  • Alarm logic: AND / OR
  • Lens type: Wide-angle / Long-range
  • Anti-mask: On / Off
  • Follow arm: On / Off

Remote Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Voltage input to the detector
  • Signal level and noise level of each PIR sensor
  • Signal level and noise level of each MW channel
  • Software version

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number RK312PR00USA
What's in the box (1) WatchOut Reliable Outdoor PIR Detection
Variant N/A


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  WatchOUT DT WatchOUT PIR Wireless WatchOUT
Detection method Two microwave and two PIR channels Two PIR channels Two PIR channels
Wide angle coverage 15m (50') 90º 12m (40') 90º 12m (40') 90º
Long-range coverage 23m (75') 5º 23m (75') 5º 23m (75') 5º
Barrier coverage 15m (50') 5º 15m (50') 5º 15m (50') 5º
Mounting height 1m to 2.7m (3'3" to 8'10")
Pet immunity Animals up to 70cm (2'4") head height with no weight limitation
Anti-mask Via 4 active IR channels - Via 4 active IR channels
Dirty Lens Indication Via 4 active IR channels - -
Day/Night output - Activated via photocell -
Operating voltage 9-16 VDC Two 3V x Lithium Batteries
Current consumption
Relay mode at 12V
45mA typical, 70mA maximum 42mA typical, 65mA maximum 35uA at 3 VDC (average)
Current consumption
bus mode at 12V
30mA typical, 55mA maximum 37mA typical, 61mA maximum -
Alarm contact NC, 100mA, 24 VDC - -
Tamper contact NC, 100mA, 24 VDC
Anti-mask contact NC, 100mA, 24 VDC - -
Dirty lens output 70mA open collector - -
RF immunity 40V/m from 30MHz to 2 GHz 20V/m (80MHz to 2 GHz)
Environment rating IP 65
Operating temperature -30ºC to 60ºC (-22ºF to 140ºF) -25ºC to 60ºC (13ºF to 140ºF)
Dimensions (LxWxD) 220 x 115 x 120mm (8.66 x 4.52 x 4.72")