Driveway Observer Driveway Alarm

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The Driveway Observer Kit consists of two components: A weatherproof transmitter that can be mounted either overhead or to the side, and a versatile, receiver. Powered by a
Brand: Rodann Electronics
Part Number: DWA-8

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Rodann Electronics



The DWA-8 Driveway Observer Driveway Alarm is one of the most popular driveway alert systems in the home security industry for a reason: it's immaculate. For home and business owners with larger properties including ranches, large driveways and large backyards, this wireless motion detector picks up movement from up to 50 feet away and is weatherproof, so your property stays protected under any and every condition.

The DWA-8 consists of 2 components: The weatherproof transmitter that mounts near your driveway or backyard and the versatile receiver, usually set in the kitchen or bedroom. Together they help build your sense of security- keeping you aware of everyone and everything approaching your property at all times.

DWA-8 Transmitter

Powered by a 9 volt battery, the transmitter detects objects up to 50 feet away from where it is stationed. It can easily be mounted overhead or to the side of a driveway and its weatherproof design keeps its functioning even in the most treacherous of weather. The transmitter and receiver can be set up to 1,000 ft apart.

Transmitter Features

  • Compact, Discreet Design (5in. x 4in. x 2.5in.)
  • Energy Efficient 9V Battery (Included)
  • Lasts Approximately 1 year
  • Weatherproof
  • DIP Switches Uniquely Identifies Unit to Receiver
  • 360 Degree Antenna for Optimal Performance
  • Ability to detect up to 50 feet away

DWA-8 Receiver

The receiver is specifically meant for indoor use and is your personal alert system when the transmitter is set off. Each receiver zone is assigned a corresponding audible tone via dip switches, making it easy to determine the zone that has been triggered. Additionally there is an electronic LED Counter to allow for a vehicle count with this driveway alarm.

The receiver also features special outputs should you want to add accessories to it that will expand what your driveway alarm can do (for example: sirens, strobes, etc.). Best of all, if you ever want to add more transmitters to the DWA-8, the receiver will support up to 4 of them. Immaculate, indeed.

Receiver Features

  • For use Indoors, Wall-Mountable, or Works on Table Top
  • Expandable; Supports Up to Four Transmitters providing
  • Unique Auditory Transmitter Zone Indentification
  • Internal Speaker & Auxillary Speaker Output Terminals w/ In-Line Volume Control
  • 12Volt DC / 500mA Output for Accessories (Siren, Strobe, Auto Dialer, etc.)
  • Please Verify the Polarity! (+/-)
  • DC Output Time Customizable: Set 1 or 5 Seconds via Dip Switches
  • Omni-Directional Antenna for Optimal Performance

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number DWA-8
What's in the box (1) Transmitter
(1) Receiver
(1) 12 volt AC Adapter
(1) 9V battery
Variant N/A


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