PERS-4200KIT Personal Emergency Reporting System by Linear

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The Model PERS-4200 Personal Emergency Reporting System is a supervised wireless emergency reporting product designed for medical alert applications.
Brand: Linear Security
Part Number: PERS-4200KIT

Availability: This product has been discontinued.

Linear Security



The PERS-4200 brings forth a new generation of Personal Emergency Reporting Systems.  Linear, one of the leaders in PERS equipment innovation, delivers advanced features and options to suit any customer with its latest offering.  Two new add-on modules and new capabilities – give PERS dealers and homeowners more convenience and performance.

• Enhanced Sensitivity: Allows up to 1,000-foot range*
• Add-on Modules for Expansion:
o UMTS-3G Cellular Module – for homes without a land-line telephone
o Wireless Remote Speaker/Microphone – for extended two-way voice coverage
• Enhanced Passive Alerts: summon help, even when subscriber can’t press their button
o Improved activity monitor, with selectable time windows
o Console temperature monitor for high/low temp alerts
• More Flexible Supervisory Options: Alerts provider to potential system trouble
o Select short or long intervals for personal transmitters
• Selectable English/Spanish Language Prompts (French available via firmware)
• USB Port for Local Programming: Provides easy configuration with no modem required

The PERS-4200 is compatible with Linear’s existing and future generations of PERS consoles and alarm panel systems.
* When paired with Linear Long-Range transmitters

More New System Capabilities
Upgradable Firmware: Keeps product fleet current; can upload additional languages
System Event Log: Internal buffer can be retrieved by Dealer to check activity (100 events)
Quick-Start Guide Provided: Provides support for subscriber or caregiver set-up
Color Coding for Phone Jacks:Simplifies set up with easy connections
Illuminated “Help” Button: Easier to see at night when many emergency events occur
RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator): Provides help for transmitter range testing and initial setup
Improved AC Adapter (UL & CSA): Smaller and energy efficient; provided with 10’ cord
Load-Shed Battery Save: Improves service life of product; prevents battery damage
during long outages
Pre-Recorded Messages Loaded onto Console: Promotes use, simplifies set-up
• Medicine Reminder
• Ride/Appointment Schedule
• System Test Reminder
Remote Transmitter Enrolling: Dealer can remotely “learn-in” pendants for subscribers, making it
easierfor the subscriber
Speakerphone Call-In: Increased peace of mind for family members

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number PERS-4200KIT
What's in the box

(1) PERS-4200 (SSC00072)

(1) DXS-LRC (SST00124B)

(1) Telephone cord

Variant N/A


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Transmitter Capacity: 16 DX or DXS devices
Operating Frequency: 315 MHz
RF Format: Linear DX, DXS
Receiver Type: Dual diversity, superheterodyne
RF Programming Method: Linear quick-learn, plus remote enrolling (optional)

Communicator Formats: 4 x 2 (Point-to-Point), ADEMCO Contact ID or SIA
Dialing Method: Pulse or tone dialing formats, field-enabled

Communicator Reports:
• Console emergency alarm/alarm cancel
• Console low battery/restore
• Loss of AC power/AC power restore
• Home / away mode (activity monitor on/off)
• Automatic status test report (normal/off normal)
• Reminder message time out
• High temperature alarm (heat)/restore
• Low temperature alarm (cold)/restore
• Fire (smoke) alarm/low battery/supervisory supervisory restore
• CO alarm (gas)/low battery/supervisory/supervisory restore
• Personal transmitter (pendant) alarm/low battery/supervisory/supervisory restore
• Two way audio request (listen-in to follow)

• HELP: Large round button with multiple actuation points, Braille character labels provided
• CLEAR: Momentary for system reset, call cancellation
• HOME: Momentary to reset timer or press and hold for 3-5 seconds to disable the function
• POWER OFF BUTTON: Controls 120 VAC source, as well as  the backup battery

Indicators: Three multi-color LEDs (HOME, CANCEL, HELP)

• Input telephone jack, accessory phone jack (RJ-11)
• USB Mini-B port (for local programming)
• Proprietary connectors for Linear expansion modules

Programming Method:
Via RA4200 remote access software
Inactivity Timer: Software programmable with multiple windows
Selectable Two-Way Voice Activation: Software programmable per channel
Speakerphone Option: Software programmable; call duration time selectable for 15, 30, or 60 minutes
Pulse/Tone Dialing: Software or console programmable
Audible Output: Integral siren
Output Tones: Distinct alarm tones provided for emergency and fire alarm conditions; provisions
for timer reset tone also incorporated into system
Dimensions: 6.4 in L x 6.3 in W x 2.75 in H (163 x 160 x 70 mm)
Backup Battery: 7.2V, 2000mAh Ni-MH
Backup Period: 24 hours minimum

Models compatible with the PERS-4200

Model                   Description
UMTS-3G/V     Cellular Plug-in PERS Module
RSM-BASE     Wireless Remote Speaker/Microphone Plug-in PERS Module
RSM-WALL     Wireless Remote Speaker/Microphone Station
DXS-LRC     Supervised Convertible Long Range Emergency Transmitter
DXS-LRP     Long Range Pendant Transmitter
DXS-LRW     Long Range Watch Transmitter
DXS-31     Supervised Universal Door/Window Transmitter (PERS)
DXS-54     Supervised Passive Infrared Motion Detector Transmitter (PERS)
DXS-65     Supervised Emergency Alarm Transmitter
DXS-73     Supervised Photoelectric Smoke Detector Transmitter
DXS-80     Supervised Carbon Monoxide Detector Transmitter

UL 1635 Digital Alarm Communicator
UL 1637 Home Healthcare Signaling Device
CSA, (Power Supply)
IC/ Industrie Canada/Telco
FCC, (Part 15), Part 68
Smoke Signaling Accessory File S2499/UL217
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)