Optex REDWALL Superior Intelligent PIR Detector 330' x10'

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When it comes to heavy duty PIR detectors, none is sturdier or more powerful than the Optex SIP-5030. Meant to be used with a CCTYV, this PIR Detector offers wide-angle detection over large outdoor areas by using three dual element pyroelectric sensors. The Optex SIP-5030 is especially designed to reduce the chances of false-alarms, as it can not only discern between human beings and a change in ambient temperature, but its double conductive shielding protects against being set off by car headlights or reflected sunlight.
Brand: Optex
Part Number: SIP-100

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The SIP-100 offers detection with a long range of 300 ft. and a total of three outputs: two separate outputs for far and near areas and another for creep-zone detection.
Multiple outputs are useful for activating video transmission systems and controlling PTZ cameras. The detection angle in the main area of the SIP-5030 and SIP-100 can be adjusted to easily match the camera field of view. And, the creep zone detector can be used for detection below and around the unit.

The SIP-100 are also equipped with anti-rotation and anti-masking functions, which can detect vandalism or tampering with the unit.

DISCLAIMER: This product has NO pet tolerance and was designed for commercial use with cameras for video verification purposes. Use-in-non-verified applications will not be supported by the manufacturer.

The AVF-1 viewfinder and OPM-WT walk tester tools are required for proper installation.


  • Six dual pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding
  • Detection of ambient temperature and illuminance for automatic sensitivity management
  • Advanced detection algorithm
  • Max 13ft installation height
  • Anti-rotation with 3-axis accelerometer
  • Anti-masking with photo-beam
  • Sensitivity selector for creep/near/far area independently
  • Detection logic selector
  • Detection range selector
  • Number of Outputs Selector (SIP-100 only)
  • Adjustable alarm interval time
  • Reinforced polycarbonate housing
  • Built-in creep zone detector

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Additional Info

Part Number SIP-100
What's in the box (1) Optex REDWALL Superior Intelligent PIR Detector 330' x10'
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Detection method Passive infrared
Detection area 330x10ft.
Number of detection zones Far and near area: 80 Zones
Creep zone: 18 zones
Mounting height 7.6 to 13ft.
Power input 11 - 16V DC
22 - 26V AC
Current draw 40mA max. (12V DC)
75mA max. (24V AC)
Indicator Far alarm: Red LED
Near alarm: Red LED
Creep zone alarm: Red LED
Alarm period Approx. 2 sec.
Warm-up period Approx. 60 sec.
Alarm interval period Off/15/30/60 sec.
Detection logic AND/OR
Tamper output N.C. 28V DC, 0.1A max.
Trouble output N.C. 28V DC, 0.2A max.
Alarm output Far area:
N.C.28V DC, 0.2A max
N.O.28V Dc, 0.2A max.

Near area:
N.C.28V DC, 0.2A max
N.O.28V Dc, 0.2A max.

Creep zone:
N.C.28V DC, 0.2A max
N.O.28V Dc, 0.2A max.
Sensitivity SH/H/M/L
Operating temp -13 to + 140°F
IP rating Main unit:
Chassis: IP55
Dimensions 10.7 x 4.0 x 11.4 in.
Weight 56 oz.