OPTEX-KIT1 - Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway Alarm Kit

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This Wireless 2000 Visitor Driveway Alarm from OPTEX is among HomeSecurityStore.com's most highly rated and recommended products. That's because with the Wireless 2000, OPTEX has perfected reliable wireless technology in the long RF transmission range, which for this unit stretches to an amazing 2,000 feet!
Brand: Optex
Part Number: OPTEX-KIT

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This Optex Driveway Alarm Bundle comes with:

(1) Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway Alarm
(2) Optex Indoor Outdoor Wireless Infrared Transmitter

Twice the Coverage

With 2 Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Transmitters, you now have double the coverage with this thoughtfully-crafted driveway alarm. Both transmitters are compatible with the Receiver, allowing you to monitor more of your property without the hassle of installing a new system! This 3 piece kit is a step up on the 1 transmitter/1 receiver system.

The Wireless 2000

The Wireless 2000 Optex Driveway Alarm is one of the most highly rated and recommended perimeter awareness systems at HomeSecurityStore.com. An upgrade from the Wireless 1000, its covers ground on your property like no other and the long range capability from transmitter to receiver adds great convenience to your home or business monitoring.

This visitor driveway alarm's transmitter comes equipped with 2 different detection patterns. The first is a straight beam (invisible to the naked eye) that ranges up to 50 feet away from the transmitter. The second is a fan pattern that constantly scans for motion from left to right and vis versa for up to 17 feet. Both patterns are effective perimeter alerts for a home or business and add the convenience of choice to detect approaching vehicles.

There are no limits to where you can mount the transmitter (which is the size of a softball). With a 2000 foot long FR transmission range (open field/ line of sight- transmission performance ranges from 150 ft. around stucco/plaster construction and 100 ft. around reinforced construction), get alerts from virtually anywhere within your home or business. Beyond driveways, the reliability of this new wireless technology allows you to monitor shoplifting zones, dressing and fitting rooms, unauthorized exits, jewelry display boxes, drive up windows and more!

Use it as an entry or walkway chime, wireless doorbell or a warehouse delivery notification system. With 5 different sensitivity levels and 3 different chime tones you can get creative with your installation and be notified with alerts up to 80db loud.

Need to cover more than just a driveway? Up to 12 transmitters can be incorporated and if you add more, the receiver can identify which zones have been breached by certain tones.

Another advance in driveway alarm technology is the Wireless 2000's ability to trigger other security system devices. Easily programmed, the built-in weatherproof motion detector can trigger door strikes, lights, sirens and cameras. Today's technology at its best.

The Optex Wireless 2000 driveway alarm sets the standard for perimeter alert systems and ultimately helps turn a simple home security system into a powerhouse of capability.

The Wireless 2000 is ideal for use in myriad ways, including:

  • As a perimeter alert for your home or shop
  • As a driveway alarm to detect approaching vehicles
  • An entry or walkway chime
  • A wireless doorbell
  • A warehouse delivery notification system

Additional Features

  • The Sensor Has a Newly Developed Non-Directional Antenna
    All wireless transmitters have "dead spots" within their transmission range. The sensor's improved antenna design greatly reduces "dead spots" to make installation easier and increase reliability.

  • The Transmitter Has a High Gain Antenna & Narrow Band Tuning
    Optimal antenna design and fine RF tuning achieve a high signal to noise rate, ensuring long range and consistent operation.

  • More Than 8 Million Codes
    Transmission codes are preset at the factory with over 8 million possibilities, virtually eliminating the possibility of interference or crosstalk.

  • Low Battery Signal
    Low battery indication by tone and LED tells you when to replace batteries and prevents malfunctions.

  • Sensor Chime Box w/ Relay
    Form C relay for activating other devices (50V AC 1A max. or 24V DC 1A max.) with adjustable output duration.

  • OPTEX Part Number

TD-20U - Optex Indoor Outdoor Wireless Infrared Transmitter


  • 2000 ft. transmission range, line of sight
  • Uses passive infrared to detect motion and send RF signals to receivers
  • Weather proof housing (IP54 rating) for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Selectable 50 ft. Long Range or 17 ft. Fan (Wide) detection pattern

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number OPTEX-KIT
What's in the box

(1) RC-20 Chime Box w/ Relay
(2) TD-20 In/Outdoor Sensor Transmitter
(1) 9VDC Adapter
(1) Set of Mounting Hardware

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