Lorex SD+ Wireless Camera Add-On

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The Lorex LIVE SD+ Add-On Camera is the perfect way to expand your home monitoring system. Expand your view by adding up to four cameras to your SD+ Series Wireless Home Monitoring Systems.
Brand: Lorex
Part Number: LW2731AC1

Availability: This product has been discontinued.




More Surveillance

Expand your business or home security system and gain more surveillance video protection with the LW2731AC1 Lorex SD+ Wireless Camera Add-On. This is a specially designed wireless security camera that comes packed with surveillance features meant to simplify your monitoring experience. It's important to note that this camera is nothing without its CCTV surveillance system.

This security camera is compatible with the LW2932 - Lorex SD9+ Wireless Video Monitoring System w/ 9" LCD Monitor, LW2732 (SD+7) and LW2731 security systems.

Fully Loaded Security Camera

The camera is built for both indoor and outdoor use with smart weatherproof bullet camera housing. Its assigned video signal wirelessly connects to any fore-mentioned system's monitor from up to 650 feet away! The only requirement when placing these CCTV cameras is to make sure they are near an electrical outlet for power.

Infrared LED lights line the front of each camera, shooting crisp night-vision footage and picking up objects from up to 40 feet from camera. Built-in dual motion detection increases the sensitivity of motion detection in total darkness. Naturally, this security cam captures images at 640x480 pixel resolution and have digital zoom capability! This allows you to zoom-in on surveillance footage at 2 times its normal size.

For direct connection to the system's monitor/ DVR, the camera also features a microphone and speaker for 2 Way Talk. Most of these features are unheard of with other security cameras. This is today's surveillance camera technology at its best.

The Complete Surveillance Camera Package

The full security system this camera is included in (with monitor, DVR and extra cameras) enables live monitoring, recording, storage and remote monitoring. Each system comes included with 2 cameras but has 4 channels available. 2 of those channels are dying to be used for greater surveillance control over your business or home. A home security system is pretty useless if you're worried about the unmonitored corners of your property. Protect them right now, at an affordable price with the Lorex SD+ Wireless Camera Add-On.


  • VGA (640x480) Resolution Camera
  • IR Night Vision
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor for accurate motion detection
  • Durable weather resistant housing for indoor/outdoor use*
  • Built-in microphone and speaker two-way audio

* Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow.

Install fake security cameras and surveillance warning signs and camera warning sticker throughout your home or office. Send a clear message to would be thieves that you are not an easy target.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number LW2731AC1
What's in the box (1) Lorex SD+ Wireless Camera Add-On
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