Lorex ECO4 16 Channel Security DVR w/ 12 960H Cameras

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The new LH150 16-channel ECO4 Stratus DVR is the first security DVR of its kind, thanks to the innovative and exclusive Lorex Stratus Connectivity Solution.
Brand: Lorex
Part Number: LH1562001C12F

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The Lorex ECO4 Stratus 16-Ch 960H Network 2TB HDD DVR & 12 x Day/Night Cameras consists of a sixteen channel Security DVR with a pre-installed 2TB HDD, eight bullet cameras, and four dome cameras. The ECO4 Series DVR offers 960H (960 x 480) recording resolution that provides 34% more resolution than D1. It is backwards compatible and supports recording both standard resolution and 960H. Using this DVR, you can record from all the inputs simultaneously, recording to the pre-installed 2TB HDD. The HDD is designed for surveillance applications, which require 24/7 operation.

Setting up the DVR is simple using the included Stratus Connectivity App, and remote viewing is supported on PCs and Mac, as well as on your Smartphone (iPhones and Android devices), iPad, or tablet via free Lorex apps downloadable from the Lorex website. You can configure the unit to record continuously or set a schedule of recording times for each camera. You can also configure the unit for NTSC/PAL, resolution, frame rate, and pre-record time. Pre-record settings can be used to capture video before the event, when motion detection is used to trigger recordings. The DVR features an On Screen Display for menu adjustments, including a transparency setting for the menu, and you can create multiple user accounts and set their permissions.

Twelve cameras are included, providing you four extra channels to add available cameras of your choice. There are eight cameras in bullet style housing and four dome cameras. The cameras are Day/Night cameras, and feature 700 TV Lines of resolution, IR LED emitters for illumination in complete darkness, and a 3.6mm fixed focal length lens, with an 80deg. diagonal field of view. They also feature polycarbonate housings that are durable, light, and impact resistant, with a weatherproof rating of IP66 making them suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

ECO4 DVR features front panel control and indicators that allow you to operate the DVR locally without using the network connection or a mobile device.

Front Panel Indicators: power, HDD activity • Front Panel Controls: Rewind, Pause, Play, Stop, Record, Menu/Esc • Channel Select: ten selection buttons allow you to select the sixteen inputs, and the viewing mode button allows you to switch between Split-screen Viewing modes.

Navigation Pad: allows you to move the cursor on the screen. PTZ: confirms selection within menus, opens system information window in Live Viewing mode. Pressing and holding the PTZ button for 6 seconds opens the PTZ menu.

The Stratus Cloud Connectivity App, allows you to set up your DVR in three steps using your Smartphone. The Stratus App delivers software updates directly to your system. The DVR features an OSD menu system for setting up the system. You can also set up the system via compatible iOS and Android devices, and your Mac or PC. An HDMI, BNC and VGA output allows you to connect to a variety of available monitors for local monitoring and system set up. Pentaplex Operation: View, record, playback, back up, and remotely control the system simultaneously. Digital zoom allows you to get a closer view while live viewing in full screen mode. Accurate time stamps with NTP (Network Time Protocol) and daylight savings time. The DVR features sixteen composite video inputs and four analog audio inputs, and you can control recording settings for individual inputs or all inputs simultaneously. You can set the DVR to overwrite the oldest recordings when it runs out of space on the HDD.

The DVR can record in the following resolutions: •960H - 480 x 240, 960 x 240, 960 x 480 • D1 - CIF (320 x 240), HD1 (720 x 240), D1 (720 x 480)

Note: Increasing the resolution settings decreases the FPS that the 16-channel DVR can record. You may need to experiment to find the right balance for your needs.

The DVR allows you to control the data rate, resolution, and FPS of the data streaming output, also known as the SubStream. You can configure each inputs SubStream individually. This setting only affects the streaming output, and does not affect the recording resolution.

Schedule: allows you to set a schedule for recording functions to be active. Motion: starts recording on detected motion. You can set the sensitivity levels for the motion detection. You can also define a specific area of the frame to be used to trigger the recording. Privacy Mask: allows you to define up to four areas of the frame per input to mask. The part of the frame that is obscured by the mask will not be recorded and motion in that area will not trigger recording. Pre/Post-record: allows you to set how long before or after a motion detection event occurs to record for.

The LAN/Ethernet port is used to connect to your local network. The USB port is used to connect the included mouse for local control of the unit and for firmware updates or connecting available USB external drives. You can search the recorded video using the following parameters: Date, channel/input, event, and log. You can configure the DVR to send an alarm notification via email or to your mobile device with a snapshot attachment when it detects motion or an alarm parameter triggers. The DVR features multiple user accounts that you can assign permissions to in order to control access. There are Admin and User accounts available. Admin accounts have full control of the system and can change both Admin and User passwords as well as enable/disable live viewing and password protection. User accounts can be limited, controlling if the user has access to playback, disk management, live viewing, search, and even limiting the cameras they have access to view. Advanced Controls via Free ECO Stratus App: Multi-channel live viewing, single channel search and playback, video and snapshot recording directly to your mobile device, and PTZ controls. Dome and Bullet Housing Camera

700 TVL resolution using an advanced 960H optimized image sensor. Lightweight and durable polycarbonate vandal-resistant housing with cable pass-through bracket. Integrated automatic ICR (Infrared-Cut Filter) ensures accurate color representation under all lighting conditions. Night-vision range is up to 130.0' (40.0m) in ambient lighting and up to 90.0' (28.0m) away in total darkness. Smart IR Technology enables close-up recognition at night with auto light compensation preventing washed out images. Day/Night Mode: Camera switches from color to B&W mode automatically when light levels fall below the threshold for color video. The IR emitters operate at 850nm, which is invisible to the human eye. However, a faint red glow coming from the front of the camera may be visible, localized around the front of the camera, which is a normal occurrence with 850nm LEDs. The IP66 polycarbonate housing suits indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor applications, Lorex recommends installation in a sheltered location. The cable is threaded through the stand for safety and protection from vandals. Plug into your DVR for recording, or a monitor for viewing. Suitable for home or business surveillance. Can be installed to overlook doorways, yards, parking lots, hallways, storage areas and other critical areas.

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Additional Info

Part Number LH1562001C12F
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