Lock-it Block-it Home Security Burglar Bar for Windows

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The Lock-it Block-it is a new home security bar that sits in your window track and blocks windows from being forced open.
Brand: Lock-it Block-it
Part Number: LB

Availability: This product has been discontinued.

Lock-it Block-it



Leaving your window open while you sleep or are away is dangerous. It's time to sleep peacefully, let cool air circulate through your home and never worry about a burglary again with the Lock It Block It: An adjustable window security bar for all of the windows in your home.

Two-nickels-thick, this brilliantly designed burglar-stopper is a theft deterrent and a bonus accessory for your home's security. Extra home security is always a good idea and this device doubles your window locks and helps secure one of the most popular entrances for a burglar into your home.

It's easy to install, easy to operate and requires no tools. Simply attach the included adhesive tape to your window sill, then insert the Lock It Block It and you control how far your windows can open. This convenient protection bar is built to fit popular window sizes.

You control how far your windows open. The bar itself will adjust from 15 to 31 inches so you have total control over how much your window will open. The adjusting feature sets it apart from a tacky wooden stick or hangar that may currently be doing damage to your window. It fits windows and sliding doors ranging from 42 inches to 72 inches.

Think about upstairs windows. Not only does the Lock It Block It protect from criminals, it's also child proof. Stay away from accidental situations at every single upright window, sliding window and sliding glass door. Criminals can't reach it and children can't remove it.

How strong is it? It's comprised of 60% PVC and 40% ABS plastic and specifically built for high-impact strength and excellent resistance. It is also recommended to use two per window for ultimate protection.

Criminals may try, but they won't succeed. For use when you're on vacation, or if you just yearn for a nice breeze while you sleep, the Lock It block It is a fantastic addition to your home security.

  • Childproof - Stop children from falling out.
  • Burglar proof - Block burglars from breaking in.
  • Easy to install. No tools needed.
  • Extra home security - Use as a double lock for closed windows.
  • Adjusts for different openings and to fit popular window sizes.
  • For the best protection and effectiveness, it's recommended to use two Lock-it Block-it burglar bars per window.
  • Place one security burglar bar in each window track for the best home security.

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Additional Info

Part Number LB
What's in the box (1) Lock-it Block-it Home Security Burglar Bar for Windows
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