Linear Wireless Infrareds Motion Detector

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One Motion Detector not enough? In most applications (for home's), usually the user can place one motion detector towards the front of the home that will cover a Living room,
Brand: Linear Security
Part Number: DXS-54

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Linear Security



The Model DXS-54 Supervised Passive Infrared Motion Detector Transmitter is a battery powered passive infrared motion detector with a built-in transmitter designed for use with Linear's DXS and DX format receivers and PERS consoles. In PERS installations, the DXS-54 functions to reset the PERS activity timer. When the passive infrared sensor detects motion in its field of view, the transmitter sends a digitally coded wireless signal to the PERS console.

The digital DXS code format features over a million possible codes. The DXS transmitters are pre-coded at the factory to unique codes, so no field coding is required. The DXS-54 can send three different signals: activity timer reset, low battery, and status.

In a PERS installation, the motion detector is mounted indoors in a corner or on a wall between six and eight feet high. The sensor will monitor the infrared level in its detection pattern. If the level increases or decreases rapidly (as when a person moves through the area) the transmitter triggers, resetting the activity timer and preventing an inactivity alarm.

The unit is powered from a 9-Volt alkaline battery. The battery's life can be up to three years depending on the area's traffic. When the battery gets low, the test indicator will flash and a low battery signal will be sent to the PERS console when the detector senses motion.

Approximately every hour, the DXS-54 will send a status transmission to the PERS console. The hourly signal updates the PERS console to the transmitter's condition. By monitoring status transmissions, the PERS console can determine if a transmitter has a low battery or has been removed from the system. DXS format receivers can monitor status signals, DX format receivers and PERS consoles cannot.

To conserve battery life, during normal operation, the detector can trigger the transmitter a maximum of once every four minutes.

For setup and testing, pressing the detector's TEST button places the unit in walk-test mode for four minutes. The installer can walk in front of the unit while viewing the red test indicator through the detector's lens to determine the detection area.

In walk-test, an activity timer reset signal is sent each time the walk-test indicator lights. During normal operation, the detector requires a pulse count of three events in eight seconds before sending an activity timer reset transmission.


  • Activity timer reset, supervisory, and low battery transmissions
  • Walk-test mode
  • Fresnel lens with 24 facets
  • Battery saver circuitry
  • 9 volt alkaline battery supplied
  • DXS format
  • RF frequency: 315 MHz
  • 3.2" W x 4.4" H x 1.75" D
  • Order number: SST00074

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number DXS-54
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Power one 9V alkaline battery (supplied)
Current Consumption 15 mA transmitting, 4 mA walk test,
8 uA standby, 15 uA timer mode
Battery Life Three years (typical)
Battery Saver Timer 4-minute software timer, rearms after alarm transmission
Measured Range 1,500 feet open air, with DVS 2400 control panel
Accessories Mounting hardware, including screws, double-stick tape
Code Outputs Alarm, supervisory, and low battery
Detector Balance dual element, pyroelectric
Installed Lens Standard Fresnel lens, 24 facets, 9 main, 8 intermediate, 5 short, 2 creep
Detection Pattern 30 feet x 30 feet
PIR Sensitivity Preset, non-adjustable, pulse count of 3 with 8-second detection window
Operating Frequency 315 MHz
Dimensions 3.2" W x 4.4" H x 1.75" D (81 x 44 x 112 mm)