Ready Fuel Ultimate Utility Flame - 5 Pouches

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Ready Fuel is incredibly lightweight gel fuel that burns hot enough to boil water and is a necessity for your emergency preparedness kit.
Brand: Lindon Farms
Part Number: 1271-5P

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Power and gas is out. It's dark, cold and you're hungry. You have your emergency food supply, but there's no way to heat it up for serving. Now there is, with Ready Fuel.

Ready Fuel by Lindon Farms is a clean, water soluble and odorless gel that becomes a strong flame when it's lit. Think of it as your emergency stove. It doesn't freeze, evaporate or melt and it burns hot enough to boil water while only leaving sand residue behind.

Tested and approved by the U.S. military, there are 5 sealed pouches of the Ready Fuel Gel included that are lightweight and easy to store and/or carry. In 3 easy steps you'll be enjoying heat and your survival food: 1) Tear open the pouches; 2) Squeeze out Gel; 3) Light the Gel. Getting a constant flame is that simple. All you need is a pot and water.

Facts about Ready Fuel:

  • 30 Year Shelf Life
  • One pouch used efficiently can boil 4 cups of water in about 20 minutes
  • Burns at -23°F/ -30.5°C
  • Burns up to 10,000 feet elevation
  • Water-Soluble
  • Does Not Evaporate, Freeze or Melt
  • Smokeless and Odorless
  • No Clean-Up Necessary
  • Non-Combustible
  • Non-explosive
  • No EPA Restrictions
  • Travel Friendly

In this unpredictable world, planning and covering all your bases is a necessity. Are you ready?

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number 1271-5P
What's in the box (1) Ready Fuel Ultimate Utility Flame - 5 Pouches


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