Tracking Key Pro Micro GPS Tracking System

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Just like the original GPS Tracking Key, the GPS Tracking Key Pro is a compact and portable GPS tracking unit captures the complete movement history of a vehicle.
Brand: LandAirSea Inc.
Part Number: 1507

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Pro Confidence

The 1507 - Tracking Key Pro Micro GPS Tracking System is a next generation GPS tracker that is great for fleet management, law enforcement and personal vehicle tracking. With no monthly fees, international capability and precision in recording accurate GPS data, this tracking device supplies simplicity and confidence to anyone worried about other drivers and their vehicles.

Pocket-Sized Durability

With a strong magnet mount built-on and its small and compact design, this personal locator essentially disappears when placed on the bottom of a vehicle or in its glove box. Its durability also stands out. It has a water-resistant battery compartment to fight off wet pot holes and rain storms that normally cause damage to other GPS tracking units.


Monitor children, family members and employees with the simplicity of the best-selling passive GPS system currently available! It records GPS accuracy up to 2.5 meters from actual location and at every second of the day. As long as it has charged batteries, this hidden GPS tracker is recording data.

The Tracking Key Pro system GPS data includes speed, route traveled, location and duration of stops. With Google Earth, you can actually watch routes traveled play back right before your eyes! This information and visual experience is the reason this system stands above the rest. Its sophisticated Global Positioning technology also gives you addresses of where a vehicle stops, the duration of those stops, active driving time, arrival addresses and direction of the vehicle. It is detailed, it supplies all the information you could ask for and it's very simple to operate.

Simple to Operate

To operate the device, simply insert 2 AA batteries and attach it to a vehicle. Then retrieve the device from the vehicle and plug it into your computer's USB port to view the data logged with the included Past-Track software. Download Google Earth for another detailed perspective. To keep track of vehicle events, you can print a log report of everything the vehicle has done over the last day, week or month!

Extra Support

LandAirSea also offers free 24-Hour Technical Support to help troubleshoot and answer any questions you may have regarding your GPS Tracking Key Pro. The 1507 Tracking Key Pro Micro GPS Tracking System is the next step for GPS trackers. Use the resources available to monitor your life a little more closely, with accuracy and confidence.

LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key Pro Features:

  • Small pocket-sized design allows for portability and covert placement
  • GPS tracking accuracy of 2.5 meters (7 feet).
  • 16 channel GPS Receiver for superior GPS reception.
  • Powerful magnet mount allows for installation inside, outside or underneath the vehicle.
  • Logs the driving speed every second, showing the maximum speed driven for the day.
  • Logs the precise GPS location, date and time of every stop.
  • Fast USB download. The GPS Tracking Key Pro plugs into your computer's USB port.
  • The data is compatible with the popular Google Earth application.
  • The Past-Track software provides animated historical playback over a digital street map.
  • Create easy to read printable text reports. (See sample)
  • Runs on just 2 AA batteries.
  • Convenient On/Off button.
  • Easy-access, water-resistant battery compartment.
  • Optional 12V accessory cable available for continuous, uninterrupted power.
  • No monthly fees.
  • 12 month Manufacturer's Warranty.


  • Speed
  • Route Traveled
  • Address of Stops
  • Duration of Stops
  • Active Driving Time
  • Arrival Addresses
  • Direction of vehicle

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number 1507
What's in the box (1) Tracking Key Pro Micro GPS Tracking System
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Physical Specifications  
Dimensions Length: 3.01 inches
Width: 1.95 inches
Height: 1.40 inches
(includes magnet)
Operating Tempterature -15°F to 185°F
-26°C to 85°C
Housing ABS Plastic
Water Resistant
Mounting Magnet Mount
GPS and Data Information  
Maximum Number of Satellites 16
Horizontal Accuracy 2.5 Meters
Communication Protocol NMEA
Data Output Flash Memory (non-volatile)
Stage Capacity 100 Hours of Driving Time
Power Information  
Power 2 AA Batteries
(Option Hardwire Kit available)
Battery Life
-1 Hour per Day
-2 Hours per Day
-4 Hours per Day

6 Weeks
4 Weeks
2 Weeks
Power Draw Track Mode: 49mA
Sleep Mode: 0,072mA
Sleep Mode Entry 2 Minutes of No Movement
Cold Start GPS Acquisition Time 39 Seconds
Warm Start
30 Seconds
Hot Start GPS <2.5 Seconds
Systems Requirements  
Minimum Configuration Operating System: Windows 2000,Windows XP, Windows Vista
CPU: Pentium 3, 500Mhz
System Memory (RAM): 128MB RAM
Hard Disk: 400MB free space
Network Speed: 128 Kbits/sec
Graphics Card: 3D-capable with 16MB of VRAM
Screen: 1024x768, "16-bit High Color" screen
Recommended Configuration Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz+ or AMD 2400xp+
System Memory (RAM): 512MB RAM
Hard Disk: 2GB free space
Network Speed: 768 Kbits/sec
Graphics Card: 3D-capable with 32MB of VRAM
Screen: 1280x1024, "32-bit True Color" screen