Tracking Key Micro GPS Tracking System

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The GPS Tracking Key is a small, pocket-sized device that logs GPS data which includes, route traveled, speed, direction, active driving time, arrival addresses & duration of stop.
Brand: LandAirSea Inc.
Part Number: 1505

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Few GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) tracking devices compare to the Tracking Key Micro GPS Tracking System. Have you ever had a hunch about where a relative spends their free time? Do you own/ operate a company where you need to monitor your drivers/employees? This tracking unit puts your mind at ease as it easily retrieves driving data and is one of the best-selling passive GPS trackers on the market.

With a built-in powerful magnet and its black color, this tracking system attaches to the outside of a vehicle covertly and practically disappears under a car or truck. It's also small enough to easily be stored inside a vehicle's dashboard compartment, under the seat or in the trunk. It is without question durable and its portability gives it a step up on competitors.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries, this personal locator will store data for up to 30 days. With second by second tracking, its accuracy is absolutely amazing, recording within 2 meters of actual locations.

This device receives signals from the Department of Defense satellites and records these functions: Route traveled, speed, direction/orientation, active driving time, arrival addresses and duration of stop. To retrieve travel information from your new and precise tracker, just remove its USB cap and plug it into a PC or laptop. The built-in software provides printable data reports, allows viewing on a digital street map or over a satellite image via Google Earth.

Unknown driving activity can't hide anymore. This product is best used for monitoring teenage drivers, locating children, fleet management, law enforcement and personal vehicle tracking.

This Device was even featured on AMC's hit television show "Breaking Bad." Don't lose track of anyone ever again with this easy to use pocket-sized GPS. Your questions now have answers with the Tracking Key Micro GPS Tracking System.

  • Route Traveled
  • Speed
  • Direction/Orientation
  • Active Driving Time
  • Arrival Addresses
  • Duration of Stop

Data stored on the Tracking Key can be accessed by inserting the unit directly into your personal computer or laptop via USB port. The information recorded by the Tracking Key can then be: viewed as a written activity/text report; displayed over a digital street map; or - the most popular option - displayed over a satellite image on Google Earth.

The GPS Tracking Key is powered by just 2 AAA batteries. Its strong magnetic mounts allow for instant mounting inside, outside and even underneath the vehicle. And because the GPS Tracking Key is also water-resistant, you never have to worry about exposure to the elements.

Simply put, the GPS Tracking key is an affordable GPS vehicle tracking system that records driving.

Dimensions: 4 X 1.5 X 1 inches; 5.9 ounces

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Additional Info

Part Number 1505
What's in the box (1) Tracking Key Micro GPS Tracking System
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