Digital Weather Clock Hidden Camera DVR

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This attractive home accessory and covert recording device is perfect for mounting almost anywhere.
Brand: KJB Security
Part Number: DVR256

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KJB Security



As Discreet As They Come

Great to hide in bedrooms, kitchens, offices and to use as a nanny cam, the DVR256 - Digital Weather Clock Camera features a high resolution hidden camera, easily mounts to a wall and other flat surfaces and virtually sticks anywhere for full-proof surveillance. If you're looking for a discreet and modernistic design for smart home security, this wall clock camera is one of the best.

High Definition Video

The spy camera is disguised in the front right speaker. It shoots in high definition at 1280 x 720 Resolution and in HD has a continuous recording time of 260 minutes (over 4 hours). For VGA recording at 620 x 480 Resolution, you can record up to 320 minutes (Over 5 Hours) of continuous video footage. For a theft or breach of privacy situation where photographs are enough, this hidden spy camera also features Snap Shot mode, taking a stream of photos at the first sign of movement.

Motion Activated Recording

Featured discreetly on the front of the clock is an undetectable (PIR) Passive Infrared Motion Detector. With the motion detector, the camera works to only record what you need and conserve memory space on its built-in DVR. The DVR supports up to a 16 GB Micro SD Card (4 GB Micro SD Card Included) and on a full battery charge, its standby mode lasts 9 days.


To keep the camera hidden from those you would like to record, this covert recording device appears as an innocent clock and provides the actual weather, date and time information- it's fully functional. Discreet lights alert you of the system status without giving away that this clock is recording everything in its path: Green = Battery Charging; Blue = Power On/Low Battery; Red = Recording. To download your footage quickly to a computer, a USB cable is included and it's as simple as plug and play.

High definition video and motion activation make this one of the best spy cams for personal protection. Don't be fooled by ill-natured roommates, house guests, co-workers or spouses. Use the simple and effective DVR256- digital Weather Clock Hidden Camera DVR to keep an eye on your property while you're away.


  • Covert DVR with Camera
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Law Enforcment quality
  • Real time recording
  • PIR function in both video recording mode and still photo mode
  • Function clock
  • 3 indicators for status Green battery charging, Blue power on/low battery, Red recording

Product Specs:

  • VGA 640x480 HD 1280x720
  • JPEG Photos
  • Camera 2MP CMOS
  • Continuous recording time VGA 320 min, HD 260 approx.
  • Stand by time 9 Days
  • File format AVI, JPEG
  • Lux 3.3
  • Micro SD card up to 16GB
  • Mini USB 2.0
  • Time and Date

Product Includes:

(1) Desktop Stand
(1) Micro SD Card
(1) USB cable
(1) Wall mount

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number DVR256
What's in the box (1) Digital Weather Clock Hidden Camera DVR


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