IMPASSA Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System - SCW457AVZNT

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IMPASSA is the newest, next generation wireless security system from DSC.

IMPASSA comes with the defense and offense needed to protect the ‘king’ – the home and homeowner - including an integrated CD8055 Verizon cellular communicator with on-board image sensor module and built-in Z-Wave for high speed, reliable and secure alarm communications.

This unit uses Alarm.com and includes an integrated CD8055 (CDMA) Communicator

Brand: DSC
Part Number: SCW457AVZNT

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Alarm.com Impassa V1.3 standalone unit. Includes 64 zone self contained wireless alarm system with CP-01 software and built-in two-way voice, an integrated CD8055 Verizon cellular communicator with on-board image sensor module and built-in Z-Wave

Keypad w/ 2-Way Audio

In no time, this DSC alarm system's keypad will become your home's central command center. Instead of bulky hardwired control panels and external speakers- this keypad contains it all. The soft-touch buttons on the keypad allow you to activate/deactivate this system and fast-action emergency keys are instantly accessible should a frightening situation arise.

In emergency situations, you'll be glad you have the 2-Way Audio feature. Built-in to the keypad is a loud speaker and microphone, allowing you to quickly and clearly communicate distress to a central monitoring station. Most home alarm systems simply aren't capable of this kind of protection.


Installation and Expansion

Installation for this wireless alarm system is a breeze for any do-it-yourselfer. Only 1 wire is needed (AC power for the keypad) and the rest of the wireless accessories help to keep your home looking great with no wired disruptions. Enrolling the devices is a user-friendly experience as well with simple keypad programming- and the benefits don't end there. With 64 wireless zones, add more accessories at will. Especially useful if you move to a larger home and want to up your alarm system. With the DSC Impassa, begin enjoying today's technology with a plan for tomorrow's capabilities


Features That Make a Difference:

Supports 64 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot)

  • Cellular signal strength read-out to optimize placement
  • Built-in 2-way audio VOX and push-to-talk alarm communication via phone line and cellular
  • Supports 4 keypads - 4 sirens
  • Built-in EmPower/ Z-Wave automation
  • 17 user access codes
  • 500 event buffer
  • Easy wireless device enrollment process
  • Supports image sensors via virtual zones
  • Enterprise notices
  • Weather/ severe weather alerts
  • Alarm.com AirFX remote toolkit
  • Remote firmware upgradable over cellular via alarm.com AirFX
  • Compatible web services
  • False alarm reduction features (CP-01)
  • Internal antennae
  • Deskstand available separately, Model name: SCW9057DMK

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number SCW457AVZNT
What's in the box

(1) SCW457AVZNT 2-Way Wireless Keypad
(1) Backup Battery
(1) Installation Guide
(1) User Guide
(1) Mounting Hardware

Variant N/A


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Dimensions 8.93" x 5.51" x 1.65"
227mm (L) x 140mm (W) x 42mm (D)
Current Draw 425 mA -750 mA
Power Supply 16.5 VAC/20 VA @ 50/60 Hz
Aux+ Output 12.0-12.5 VDC/100 mA
Battery Backup 24 hr Backup
Operating Environment 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity 5% to 93%
Zone Count 64
Access Codes 17