Honeywell Indoor Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera

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Honeywell's iPCAM-PT2A Wired/Wireless IP Camera is easy to install and feature a compact, portable design, allowing consumers to move them whenever they choose. Honeywell's Total Connect Video Services combine cost-effective, easy-to-install cameras with a comprehensive, communications service.

Brand: Honeywell Intrusion
Part Number: IPCAM-PT2A

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This camera is ideal for monitoring your home, business or public facilities.

Some major features of this camera are:
> Wired or Wireless communications to a router or access point.
> Pan and Tilt Color video can be controlled and monitored through your Total Connect remote services account. Up to 6 cameras can be used per location.
> Auxiliary LED lighting that improves the quality of video up to 15 feet in low-level light situations.

Local viewing with this camera can be done through the L5200/L7000 panels at v700657+, the VAM, or the TUXWiFi at v5.1.9.0+. You do not need a Total Connect account for local viewing, but the camera must be connected to the same LAN as the viewing interface.

For remote viewing with this camera, you must have: - An AlarmNet account for a GSM or Internet communicator, or a “Video Services Only” account. - Total Connect account.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number IPCAM-PT2A
What's in the box (1) Honeywell Indoor Pan-Tilt Wired or Wireless IP Camera for Total Connect
Variant N/A


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Screw on removable antenna for Wireless connectivity. Antenna should be oriented vertically. Antenna Gain: 1.8dBi

In standby the cameras will ping in every 15 seconds with approx 500 bytes of data. When video is streaming, the cameras could use up to 1.5M bytes per second.

5.7"H x 3.8"W x 3.1"D

Unit can be connected to internet via 802.11N/b/g wireless or 10/100 Base-T hardwired connection. wireless specs: 802.11 N/b/g Frequency is 2.4GHz Encryption can be WEP 64/128 bit or WPA/WPA2 Personal Supported netwrok protocols: TCP / IP, DDNS, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, DHCP, NTP, RTSP / RTP,
Wireless or Hardwire

Flash upgradeable Firmware allows firmware updates over the internet. Camera must be on a Total Connect Account to update.

3.6mm Fixed Focal Lens Effective Range: 50cm to infinity Aperture: F2.0 Diagonal View Angle: 55.8 deg (Horizontal 46.8 deg, Vertical 35.8 deg)

Supports common encryption technologies (WEP 64/128 bit, WPA/WPA2 Personal (depending on access point configuration) Easily enrolls to network router or WAP using WPS wireless enrollment to connect to the WAP, WAP-Plus, or network router. If enrolled into the WAP or WAP-Plus, the camera will be set to WPA2 encryption (the default configuration for the WAP/WAP-Plus) The video data to Total Connect is NOT encrypted to allow viewing with standard browser, but we use SSL Certificate to establish the video session. The session itself is secure and the camera can only be accessed by the end-user log-in on the Total Connect website (which is a secure website).

Minimum Illumination is 0.5 lux. The camera does have white LEDs that can be turned on manually or by event trigger. These LEDs allow for a viewing distance of about 15 feet in a dark room.

The camera is capable of 1280x720, VGA, QVGA, QQVGA resolution. On Total Connect, there are three resolutions: 640x480 (in the larger streaming window), 320x240 (in the small streaming window), 160x120 (preview thumbnail). Frame rate: Up to 30fps

The following image settings are supported by this camera: Flip (ceiling mount), Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, White Balance

The camera has the following inputs: RJ-45 (Ethernet), +5VDC power jack, 3.5mm jack for audio out, one D/I, and one D/O trigger inputs. The audio out, D/I, and D/O inputs are not used.

NOTE: LED's can be disabled in the configuration pages available on the Total Connect website Power (green) Blinking – Camera initialization period, may take up to 20 seconds. Steady On – Camera is initialized and power is on. NOTE: The power LED will flash until network connection is made. Active (green) Off – No user is viewing the camera. Blinking – User(s) are viewing this camera. Note: this LED will flicker about every 20 seconds as the camera pings in to Alarmnet. Network (green/amber) Solid green – camera is connected to network and is assigned an IP address. Blinking green – Normal transfers. Blinking amber (during WPS setup only) Steady amber – If greater than 5 sec there is a WPS fault. Off – Wireless / LAN not connected

Video from this camera can be viewed locally (on the LAN) through Honeywell's Tuxedo keypad (WiFi model at rev, or the VAM. Video can also be viewed through the L5200/L7000 series panels (panel must be connected to the LAN) and iOS app. To view video on the LAN: 1) the camera(s) must be on the same LAN as the Tuxedo, VAM, L5200/L7000 2) the Tuxedo or VAM must be configured to view the cameras 3) the computer being used to view the video must be connected to the same LAN and logged onto the IP address of the Tuxedo or VAM. You cannot access the camera by attempting to log onto the IP address of the camera.

Via Total Connect, the camera can be set to record a 10 second clip upon detected motion. Two types of motion detection available: 1) PIR- Passive Infra-Red: Built in PIR sensor can detect motion up to 15 feet away. Enable "PIR" in the camera configuration pages (on Total Connect site) to enable this method of detection. No adjustments can be made to the PIR, it is on or off only. PIR is 15 feet, 100 degrees coverage. 2) video detection: up to 4 separate detection areas (and sensitivity for each) can be set up in the video configuration pages on the Total Connect website. The camera will record a 10 second video clip when "pixelation changes" are detected in the established areas. Pixelation changes can be the result of changes in ambient lighting or by actual movement of an object in the area. The detection area size can be made large or small and the detection sensitivity can be adjusted. These adjustments should be made until satisfactory performance is achieved. Only one of the two should be enabled at a time.

This camera has four white LED's that can be set to turn on automatically when the camera detects motion or can be turned on manually via the camera viewer. These LED's allow viewing into an otherwise dark environment. There is a light sensor located just above the camera lens that will keep these LED's from turning on in a lighted environment. LED lighting improves the quality of video up to 15 feet in low-level light situations.

2 Amp from transformer

Operating: 32F to 104F (0C to 40C) Storage: -4F to 158F (-20C to 70C)

5Vdc from Plug in transformer. Transformer Cable can be extended using p/n IPCAM-EXT extension cable. This is a 9 foot extension cable which (when used to extend the provided transformer) will give a total length of 15 foot. We do not recommend extending this cabling any further as the camera will have power issues due to the smaller gauge of the transformer and extension cable wiring. In no circumstances should the transformer cable be spliced to extend it.

Camera can pan 320 degrees (160 degrees left and 160 degrees right) Camera can tilt 120 degrees (90 degrees up and 30 degrees down) Camera does not support zoom

Video from this camera can be viewed remotely through Total Connect services only. To view video remotely: 1) the camera(s) must have connection to the internet 2) the camera(s) must be added to a Total Connect account 3) the end-user will be able to view the video from a compatible web browser (see browser requirements on Total Connect login page) by logging into the Total Connect website which now uses the Locomote video player instead of the QuickTime video player. Video from this camera cannot be viewed remotely through the Tuxedo keypad. Video on the Tuxedo is only available locally on same LAN.

Via Total Connect, the IP cameras can be configured to record video clips when triggered. These video clips are stored on Alarmnet Servers and may be accessed from Total Connect web page "Events" section. Each clip averages about 300-400 kB, but can be anywhere from 50kB to 2MB depending on the image captured and which resolution is being used when clip is captured (320x240 for small streaming window and 640x480 for enlarged viewing window). Alarmnet provides 100MB of video storage per Total Connect account, with newer clips replacing older clips. We can safely say we will store at least 50 clips if each were 2MB. Video clips can also be emailed to the end-user if desired. We use SSL Certificate to establish the video session securely. The video data transmitted to Alarmnet is not encrypted to allow viewing with standard browsers.