Surveillance Camera Warning Decal

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Easy-to-read video surveillance decals can give No Trespassing messages, or simply give notice that surveillance cameras are in use.
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Surveillance Decals can act as a deterrent to unwanted activities. Easy-to-read video surveillance warning decals can give No Trespassing messages, or simply give notice that surveillance cameras are in use. Decals are 5"x5" and made from weatherproof premium grade vinyl.

Most burglars are unskilled, inexperienced and seeking the path of least resistance, and a couple of strategically placed deterrents can dramatically decrease your chances of being burglarized.

Convincing a potential burglar or neighborhood hoodlum that your house or business is protected with a video surveillance system can stave off an impending burglary or vandalism to your property. Whether or not you actually have a video surveillance system, one glimpse of a surveillance warning decal often scares a thief away. Why would he break into or damage your home or business when there is a more vulnerable house or business down the street?

CCTV Warning Signs and stickers on your premises send a clear message to would be thieves that you are not an easy target. "Warning Video Surveillance" signs are useful whether you have a real camera installed, a dummy camera or even no camera at all. Not many opportunistic thieves are going to risk breaking in if they think they are going to be taped. Security decals are also perfect for telling crooks to move on.

While camera warning stickers can be great ways to deter burglars from committing any crimes, you have to remember that these are just signs. If the intruder is not spooked away, there is no way to alert the police or catch them in the act. Use these signs solely to decrease the chances of theft.

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