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Medical Alert. No activation costs, no contracts, and no monthly fees.. With the HomeSecurityStore.com Medical Alert, you can enjoy the freedom of independent living. This system features 2-way voice communications through the pendant itself, making it unique over most personal emergency response systems (PERS) on the market today.

The Medical Alert is simple to operate and easy to install. With it, you're only a push button away from contacting your four pre-programmed emergency contacts or 911. This unit allows users instant 2-way speaker phone communication through a mini and wearable pendant. This means you can be anywhere in or around the home and won't have to worry about being in the same room as the base station to communicate with outside help.

We all know emergencies can happen in all parts of the home, so why settle for a PERS unit that only works when you are within short distance from the bases station. With the HomeSecurityStore.com Medical Alert you can go about your daily life inside and outside the house up to several hundred feet away with no worry, knowing that help is only a push button away.

How Does Medical Alert Work?
It is very simple. You just push the blue button on the wearable pendant and you can speak directly to a friend, family member, or the 911 operator. You do not need to reach your regular telephone.

Does the Medical Alert use Cellular Service?
No! The Medical Alert uses your standard home phone line.

Are there any monthly charges or contracts?
Absolutely not! There are no monthly charges, no monitoring fees, no contracts, ever. You purchase the HomeSecurityStore.com Medical Alert and it's yours to keep forever.

Up to 4 user programmable contacts to call anytime -

You can personalize the system with a flick of a three position switch on the base unit to

  1. Call up to 4 custom contacts
  2. Call up to 4 custom contacts and then 911
  3. Or just the 911 emergency operator
    Complete 2-Way Voice Coverage Around Your Home -

Medical-Alert will allow you to communicate your message instantly and efficiently from within many hundreds of feet of your base station. The system should cover your average American home and well into the front, back and side yards.

Does is take long to install the Medical Alert?
Medical Alert installs in minutes. Simply install the phone cord into your telephone wall jack and the power adapter into the wall outlet. It takes just a few seconds to do. If you have a home phone with a telephone jack, you can plug it into the back for the Medical Alert base station.

What does the system run on?
The pendant runs on a special rechargeable lithium ion battery, which will last several months on a single charge, two batteries are included in the kit. One is for the base station and the other is in use. Simply swap the batteries around every few months and within a day the extra battery is charged and ready for the next time you need a fresh battery.

How Can I deal with power outages?
The Medical Alert comes with 4 rechargeable batteries that are installed in the base unit. These batteries are constantly being charged while the base is plugged in the wall outlet. When the power fails, the Medical Alert will automatically switch over to these rechargeable batteries which will provide over 24 hours of backup protection. There is no maintenance needed for these backup batteries.

Multiple Pendants
Each Medical Alert system can suppor a combined total of 4 pendants and Emergency Wall Communicators. This is great for a husband and wife or small group homes.

Optional Accessory - Emergency Wall Communicator
The wireless water-resistant device is designed to mount on a wall. Mount one next to the bed-side table or even next to the shower in the bathroom. These permanent communicators allow for full two-way voice communication anytime an emergency occurs. Particularly handy if one forgets to carry their pendant with then to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Operates in standby well over a year on 4 AAA alkaline batteries - and provides over 5 hours of talk time.

What Comes in the Kit?
The HomeSecurityStore.com Medical Alert kit comes with the - Base station, pendant, belt clip, waist and wheelchair strap, phone cord, power adapter, lanyard, 2 rechargeable pendant batteries, and four rechargeable double A batteries for 24 hour battery backup for the base unit should the power go out. Again, Up to four pendants can be used within one system. The pendants are extremely light weight, durable, and water resistant.

Additional Info

Additional Info

What's in the box

(1) Pendant
(1) Base Unit
(1) Belt Clip
(1) Wrist/ Walker/ Wheelchair Strap
(1) Lanyard
(1) Phone Cord
(1) AC Adapter
(4) Rechargeable AA Batteries
(2) Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V Batteries
(1) Instruction Manual

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