Interlogix Security Alarm System Kit- NX-8-FP

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Interlogix System NX-8 Alarm Kit.
Brand: Interlogix
Part Number: NX-8-FP

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You know that having a good security system could mean the difference between becoming a victim of burglary and never having to be a victim, right? The best way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim is to get a good security system. One of the better ones that will protect any home or business is theInterlogix Security NX-8 Alarm System. This is a complete security kit that will provide you with everything you need to protect you.

TheInterlogix Security NX-8 Alarm System has fastpacks with some of the most popular options to make it more convenient and cost effective to buy all the products needed for most applications. In other words, you get everything you need in the fastpacks to set up this alarm system right way. Included in the fastpacks are: NX8 Control Panel, 8 zone LED Keypad, Sentrol PI-6000 motion sensor, 15W speaker, RJ cord & block, transformer, and battery.

With all of the things included in the fast pack, you will be able to effectively secure your home so that you can have peace of mind knowing your family is safe. The motion sensors are very important because they will alert you if someone should try and enter your home. This will give you time to call for help or get to safety if needed. Plus, being able to cover from 8 zones to 48 zones around your home will also give you added peace of mind because you will know that every area of your home is protected.

TheInterlogix Security NX-8 Alarm System has many different features that you need to know about because this will help you decide if this is the right security system for your security needs. The features include, expandable to 48 fully programmable zones, Maximum 24 keypads, wireless expansion up to 48 zones, maximum 8 keypads per partition, 99 four digit or 66 six digit user codes, and 185 event log.

So, with this security system you will be able to cover not only your home but also any other buildings you have on your property. TheInterlogix Security NX-8 Alarm System is a great system for protecting your business if you have one. With the 8 different keypads, plus all of the extra user codes available, you will be able to make sure your whole property is secure, no matter how big your property is.

Being able to secure more than one area of your home is very important because not a lot of the security systems that are available will allow you to do this. Knowing that theyInterlogix Security NX-8 Alarm System will secure all of your property is a huge benefit to using this particular system. The more security you have for you home the safer your family will be. Just don't rush into buying any security system without first researching it and learning all you can about it. You definitely want to research thisInterlogix Security System because it is one of the better systems available on the market today to secure your home

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number NX-8-FP
What's in the box (1) NX-8 V2 control panel
(1) NX-1308E LED keypad
(1) Hardwire Pet-Immune Motion Sensor
(1) Transformer
(1) Backup Battery
(1) Interior speaker
(1) RJ block and cord
Variant N/A


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Product NX-8 V2 control panel with NX-1308E LED keypad, hardwire pet-immune motion sensor, transformer, backup battery, interior speaker, RJ block and cord
Alarm Current Consumption 2.5 A
Color Off-White
Depth 3.5 in
Height 11.25 in
Loop Resistance 300.0 Ohm
Operating Temperature [Minimum] 32.0 °F
Operating Temperature [Maximum] 120.0 °F
Operating Voltage [Minimum] 16.5 V
Operating Voltage [Maximum] 40.0 V
System inputs (Zones) 48.0
On Board [Maximum] 8.0
Weight 9.0 lb
Width 11.25 in