Interlogix Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System

The Interlogix Simon 3 is a popular and well proven, time-tested security system. That's because it's easy to set-up and easy to operate.
Brand: Interlogix
Part Number: 80-307-3X

Availability: This product has been discontinued.




TheInterlogix Simon 3 is a popular and well proven, time-tested security system. That’s because it’s easy to set-up and easy to operate. However, the Simon 3 is much more than a simple alarm system - it’s a system that caters to a family’s needs. It not only incorporates intrusion detection, but incorporates what’s called a latchkey notification feature which will notify you by phone or pager if your child does not arrive home at a predetermined time and disarm the system. In addition, the Simon 3 is capable of controlling up to eight X-10 devices such as lights and appliances. This means you can turn on the lights by schedule, by event, or by the touch of a button.

With the Simon 3, you can choose whether or not you want to use a monitoring system or simply have it call your phone or pager, or it can do both. Plus, because it is wireless, Simon installs in hours, not days with no mess, no wires, no dust or imposition.

The Simon 3 kit is made up of a control panel which serves as the keypad and siren. Many users have commented on the console design which is smaller and more attractive than other typical panels. (But don’t let its size fool you!) The kit also includes 2 door and window transmitters, 1 pet immune motion detector, one 24 hour back-up battery so your system remains up and running for 24 hours in the event of longer power outages, one X-10 ready transformer, a jack and cord, plus a user’s video.

Other great features of the Simon 3 include 24 available zones so you can protect your home or business from burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide. Plus, 1 partition, remote phone control, and a two-way voice feature which allows you to talk back and forth with the monitoring station in the case of an emergency or a false alarm. There are also 6 programmable access codes which can be set to 3, 4, 5, or 6 digit codes, so each family member can have a private code. In addition, Simon's built-in digital voice directs you through every step of operating the system, plus tells you the status of your system and the location of an alarm.

The Simon 3 offers sophisticated security and home automation which is made simple for you to program, learn, and operate. AsInterlogix puts it – “Simon says…Simply the best in security”.

Here is a recap and some additional Features –

• 24 wireless sensor zones; 2 hardwire zones
• 6 user-programmable access codes
• Up to 8 individual light or appliance control units
• Integrated radio receiver
• Built-in touchpad
• Rechargeable back-up battery
• 2-way audio verification as a built-in feature or add-on
• Supports 2-way RF Talking Touchpad
• Complies with UL 985 rating

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number 80-307-3X
What's in the box (1) Simon 3.0 Control Panel (Version 4.1),
(2) Transmitters (60-670-95R) NX450
(1) Pet Immune Motion Detector (60-807-95R) 60-NX481
(1) 24 Hour Battery & Wire leads
(1) X10 Ready Transformer
(1) RJ Jack and Cord.
(1) User Video
(1) Install Instructions
(1) User Instructions
Variant N/A


simon 3 alarm review thumbs upReview by shred
I have had this product for 10 years. You may think it is a little outdated but think again. Its simplicity is its ace up your sleeve. I would love to get some impressive touch screen like my brother has for my alarm keypad but the truth is this has been trouble free for a decade. I got it when i moved to Long Island and there were some home invasions on the news. The truth is it gives me peace of mind for the most part. I also told my ins company I have an ADT home burg alarm. They didn't ask any more questions they just gave me the discount for having the alarm. Even though I opted not to go with central station because i am on a budget(cheap). I programmed the panel to call me on my cell and my wrk number when there is an alarm. It works great. I only had one false alarm in all the years and it was due to me installing the magnet window sensor with the double sided tape provided. it was a 90 degree day n the sun made it fall off fooling the alarm into thinking the window was opened. I got a really tiny drill bit and pre drilled the window sensors and screwed them all in with the screws provided dont use the tape its really sticky but on a hot day the window can get 100 degrees or more no double sided tape will hold up to that..After all these years some of the window sensors are going bad it says low battery basement window or low bat childs rm window so I change the batt. If that still happens I replace the sensor with a new one. After 9 or 10 years of working non stop what more can you ask for. The sensors are expensive though. 30 bucks each. U can get them on amazon or this home security store is actually really good. They have good support too. The only quirk I have I figured out and learned to live with. When an alarm goes off and calls me I listen to it fully (the last condition is the one that caused the alarm like front door alarm etc)then after listening I push pound to exit like the robot voice says and it will stop calling me. Then when i get home I push system status to clear the alarm. If u don't push system status the phone line may remain busy. Believe me this is worth it. I have 24 sensors the max it can have and I have everything from door n window sensors to water leak alarms and smoke detectors. There are so many things that can go wrong but they just don't. I installed it all myself.I give this 10 stars out of 5. When this unit breaks I am going to order another one. (Posted on 3/30/2015)

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Color White
Dimensions 6.5" Wide X 7.5" Long X 1.5" Deep
Power Supply 9 Volt AC Line Carrier Transformer (included)
Battery Backup 6 Volt DC 1.2 Ah UltraLife Lithium (included)
Installation Wall and table mounting (with optional table mounting base)
Programming ITI ToolBox
Reporting Contact ID, SIA level 2
Compatibility Supports all ITI's Learn Mode crystal and SAW sensor