Interlogix 4-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat/Relay

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449CTE - Interlogix 4-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat/Relay
Brand: Interlogix
Part Number: 449CTE

Availability: This product has been discontinued.




The 449CTEInterlogix Photoelectric Smoke Detector is perhaps the most intelligent smoke detector on the market today. Smoke detectors are certainly crucial to any home security system, but those of us who aren't security experts might not know if we're even installing the unit in the right place! Luckily, the folks atInterlogix thought about just that when they equipped the this Photoelectric Smoke Detector with a Self-Diagnostics capabilities, which includes automatic sensitivity testing. What this means is that the smoke detector continually monitors its own sensitivity and operational status, and provides a visual trouble indication if it drifts out of sensitivity range or fails internal diagnostics. That way you'll never run the risk of having your smoke detector installed improperly!

Another important aspect of this unit is its built-in end-of-line relay. Most hardwired smoke detectors for security systems get the job done, but usually require a separate power supervision relay to make sure the unit is operating properly. The 449CTEInterlogix Photoelectric Smoke Detector, however, has the relay built in, so you'll be relieved to know your unit won't fail you.

Furthermore, the Interlogix Interlogix Photoelectric Smoke Detector has superior protection against false alarms caused by dust, insects, RF and ambient light.


  • Self-diagnostics
  • One-site maintenance alert
  • Built-in sensitivity meter
  • Field replaceable optical chamber

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Additional Info

Part Number 449CTE
What's in the box (1)Interlogix 4-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat/Relay
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