Firelite 5 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

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The Fire-Lite MS-5UD five zone Fire Alarm Control Panels bring the latest in technology to conventional fire controls.
Brand: Firelite
Part Number: MS5UD3

Availability: This product has been discontinued.




Sophisticated Performance At Very Low Cost

The Fire-Lite MS-5UD five zone, and MS-10UD ten zone Fire Alarm Control Panels bring the latest in technology to conventional fire controls. The MS-5UD and MS-10UD are fully programmable via built-in keypad and 80 character LCD display, so you do not need an external programmer. Both panels have a built-in Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) and availability to add optional equipment: Remote annunciator, Relay module, LED Driver module, Transmitter module and Printer interface module. Both panels are compatible with the new i3 smoke detectors from System Sensor, providing such advanced features as drift compensation, maintenance alert, and freeze warning features normally found in more expensive addressable systems. The Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) protocol includes the ability to silence audible devices while strobes continue to flash, using only a single pair of wires, as well as automatic synchronization for five manufacturer's synchronization protocols of audio/visual devices. The panels are also compatible with conventional input devices such as twoand four-wire smoke detectors, pull stations, waterflow devices, tamper switches and other normally open contact devices.

High Performance with i3 Technology

When coupled with the Fire-Lite MS-5UD and MS-10UD Fire Alarm Control Panels, i3 devices provide additional detection technology. i3 detectors automatically adjust their sensitivity settings based on dust accumulation in their chamber, resulting in an increased resistance to false alarms. A special maintenance alert message on each zone will warn of excessive dirt accumulation preventing false alarms a quick way to test each detector without need for a ladder. In addition, a special supervisory message warns if a detector is approaching freezing temperatures. This is especially useful when panels are placed in a warehouse facility where such low temperatures may be found. A special wireless handheld sensitivity meter eliminates the need for voltmeters, magnets and physical connections to the detectors to determine sensitivity settings. The meter displays sensitivity in terms of percent per foot obscuration and provides status of detector sensitivity in clear English text.

Flexible Programmable Output Control

The MS-5UD and MS-10UD panels provide state-of-the-art NAC synchronization features that meet NFPA requirements for both audible signals and ADA MS-5UD/MS-10UD Conventional Fire Alarm Systems Advanced systems ideal for small facilities compliant strobes. To ease retrofit applications, strobe synchronization is provided for System Sensor, Wheelock, Amseco, Faraday and Gentex signaling protocols, and permits use of existing devices. Both panels contain a Selective Silence feature where horns can be manually silenced while strobes continue to flash on the same NAC. This reduces confusion when first responders arrive to survey the situation, yet still warns occupants to exit the building.

Time Saving Innovations and False Alarm Reduction

Designed to reduce installation and maintenance labor time, both panels feature a Silent or Audible Walk Test operation mode that can be commanded from the front keypad. If no activity takes place after one hour, the system automatically returns to normal operation. To further reduce false alarm potential, the systems feature the ability to select alarm verification mode by each zone. This permits testing of zones that may be more prone to alarm to insure the detectors have not sensed a false indication of fire. When using the MS-5UD, a special module is available that converts all five indicating circuits and notification appliance circuits to be used in a Class A wiring configuration, enhancing wire supervision for opens or shorts. When low-cost conventional fire detection equipment is required and budget is tight, you can rest assured the advanced features found in the MS-5UD or MS-10UD will meet and exceed requirements for the most demanding applications. The MS-5UD and MS-10UD are designed and built by Fire-Lite Alarms, well known throughout the industry for high quality and exceptional design. To learn more about the MS-5UD/MS-10UD or other quality Fire-Lite products, call (203)484-7161 and ask for the distributor nearest you or visit us at www.firelite.com.


  • Listed to UL Standard 864, 9th edition.
  • Built-in DACT (Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter).
  • Style B (Class B) IDC (Initiating Device Circuit)
    - MS-5UD-3 - five IDCs.
    - MS-10UD-7 - ten IDCs.
  • Style Y (Class B) NAC (Notification Appliance Circuit) - special application power
    - MS-5UD-3 - four NACs.
    - MS-10UD-7 - four NACs.
  • Notification Appliances may be programmed as
    - Silence Inhibit.
    - Auto-Silence.
    - Strobe Synchronization for System Sensor, Wheelock, Gentex, Faraday, or Amseco devices.
    - Selective Silence (horn-strobe mute).
    - Temporal or Steady Signal.
    - Silenceable or Nonsilenceable.
  • Optional CAC-5X Style Z (Class A) Converter Module for NACs and IDCs (2 required for MS-10UD-7).
  • Form-C Relays for Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory - Contact Ratings 2.0 A@ 30 VDC or 30 VAC (resistive).
  • 3.0 A total system current for MS-5UD-3.
  • 7.0 A total system current for MS-10UD-7.
  • Optional Dress Panel DP-51050
  • Optional Trim Ring TR-CE for semi-flush mounting.
  • 24 volt operation.
  • Low AC voltage sense.
  • Alarm Verification.
  • PAS (Positive Alarm Sequence).
  • Automatic battery trickle charger.
  • Up to eight ANN-BUS annunciators:
    - Optional 8 zone Relay Module ANN-RLY.
    - Optional LED Annunciator Module ANN-LED,
    - Optional Remote Annunciator ANN-80.
    - Optional Remote Printer Gateway ANN-S/PG.
    - Optional LED Annunciator Driver ANN-I/O.
  • Optional 4XTMF module (conventional reverse polarity/city box transmitter).


  • Can be programmed at the panel with no special software or additional equipment.
  • Programmable Make/Break Ratio.
  • Upload/Download (local or remote) of program and data via integral DACT.


  • Built-in DACT (Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter).
  • Integral 80-character LCD display with backlighting and keypad.
  • Real-time clock/calendar with automatic daylight savings adjustments.
  • ANN-BUS for connection to remote annunciators.
  • Audible or silent walk test capabilities.
  • Piezo sounder for alarm, trouble, and supervisory.

Key Applications

Small facilities including:

  • Banks
  • Cinemas
  • Food Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Elementary Schools
  • Strip Malls
  • Small Retail Outlet Stores
  • Small Apartment Buildings
  • Dormitories
  • Small Motels
  • Smaller Healthcare Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retirement or Assisted Living Facilities

Sorry we do not offer technical support for this product because of local codes that come into play specifying who must install fire alarm equipment and where and how it must be installed.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number MS5UD3
What's in the box (1) Firelite 5 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
Variant N/A


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System Capacity
Annunciators 8

Electrical Specifications
(FLPS-3 Power Supply)
120 VAC, 60 HZ, 1.0 A
(FLPS-7 Power Supply)
120 VAC, 60 HZ, 3.90 A
(FLPS-7 Power Supply)
240 VAC, 50 HZ, 2.20 A.
Wire Size minimum 14 AWG (2.0 mm2) with 600 V insulation, supervised, nonpower-limited

Cabinet Specifications  
Door 19.26" (48.92 cm.) high x 16.82" (42.73 cm.) wide x 0.72" (1.82 cm.) deep.
Backbox 19.00" (48.26 cm.) high x 16.65" (42.29 cm.) wide x 5.25" (13.34 cm.) deep.
Trim Ring (TR-CE) 22.00" (55.88 cm.) high x 19.65" (49.91 cm.) wide.

Shipping Specifications  
Dimensions 20.00" (50.80 cm.) high
22.5" (57.15 cm.) wide
8.5" (21.59 cm.) deep
Weight 27 lb (12.20 kg)

Temperature and Humidity Ranges This system meets NFPA requirements for operation at 0 – 49°C/32 – 120°F and at a relative humidity 93% ± 2% RH (noncondensing) at 32°C ± 2°C (90°F ± 3°F). However, the useful life of the system's standby batteries and the electronic components may be adversely affected by extreme temperature ranges and humidity. Therefore, it is recommended that this system and its peripherals be installed in an environment with a normal room temperature of 15 – 27°C/60 – 80°F.

Agency Listings and Approvals The listings and approvals below apply to the basic MS-5UD-3 and MS-10UD-7 control panels. In some cases, certain modules or applications may not be listed by certain approval agencies, or listing may be in process. Consult factory for latest listing status.
  • UL Listed: File S624
  • FM Approved
  • CSFM: 7165-0075:214
  • MEA: MEA: 333-07-E

NFPA Standards The MS-5UD/MS-10UD(E) Series complies with the following NFPA 72 Fire Alarm Systems requirements
  • LOCAL (Automatic, Manual, Waterflow and Sprinkler Supervisory).
  • AUXILIARY (Automatic, Manual and Waterflow) (requires 4XTMF).
  • REMOTE STATION (Automatic, Manual and Waterflow) (Where a DACT is not accepted, the alarm, trouble and supervisory relays may be connected to UL 864 listed transmitters. For reverse polarity signaling of alarm and trouble, 4XTMF is required.)
  • PROPRIETARY (Automatic, Manual and Waterflow).
  • CENTRAL STATION (Automatic, Manual and Waterflow, and Sprinkler Supervised).
  • OT, PSDN (Other Technologies, Packet-switched Data Network)