Envisalink Internet Alert Module for DSC & Honeywell Security

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With the EVL-3 module for your DSC security system, you'll not only be able to receive instant e-mail or text message notifications when your system detects activity.
Brand: EYEZ-ON
Part Number: EVL-3


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Unlock features of your DSC PowerSeries or Honeywell Vista home security system with the EVL-3 Envisalink Internet Alert module. Your home security system is powerful and was meant to be able to communicate and alert you no matter where you are in the world, but it takes this one of a kind module to gain remote access to your home monitoring system. This internet module is only compatible with hardwired DSC PowerSeries & Honeywell Vista alarm systems.

Through a standard web browser, this module uses internet monitoring and internet alarm reporting to give you full remote control of your alarm system even if you're a traveler. Detect intruder activity, respond to alerts immediately and use the web monitoring technology that allows arm, disarm, zone bypass and PGM control directly to your system.

Capabilities expand even further. Now take control of your home or business from PCs, tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices including: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android Smartphones; local and remote access to any web enabled device!

With a web enabled interface, receive instant notifications via email, text message or SMS when your alarm is triggered. It also includes a "time-since-triggered" feature that gives you up to the minute information on what is happening with your system.

This add-on module comes with a built-in web server and html user-interface. From your PC or mobile device (if capable of internet connection), change your alarm settings, view real-time zone status and use event logging to keep a tight grasp on your home and your family's protection.

Say you live in Los Angeles, but you're currently in New York- you can program your module to allow e-mail and text message notifications to an unlimited number of addresses and phone numbers, so if sight-seeing or a business meeting has kept you from getting to an alert immediately, another trusted family member or neighbor will receive the same notification and can investigate a disturbance for you- if you've allowed them to also receive alerts.

Astonishingly, this tiny module that hooks right into your current DSC system travels the lengths of the earth to put you in much more control of your home alarm system.


  • Simple to hook-up
  • Built-in web server and html user-interface
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Real-time zone status with "time-since-tripped" feature
  • Local and Remote Arm/Disarm/Zone Bypass/PGM Control
  • Event Logging
  • Receive Alerts by e-mail or SMS with an unlimited contact list.
  • See at a glance system status on a map in ESP interface
  • View cameras remotely from your PC, tablet or smartphone
    - Compatible with most IP network cameras.

Compatibility: This module is only compatible with hardwired DSC PowerSeries & Honeywell Vista alarm systems.

DSC Powerseries Systems:

  • 1616
  • 1832
  • 1864
  • 1555
  • 1555MX
  • 1575
  • 5010 (832)
  • 5020 (864)

Honeywell Vista Systems:

  • 20P
  • 21P
  • 15P
  • 10P

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number EVL-3
What's in the box

(1) EVL-3 Module
(1) Mounting Stand-offs
(1) Installation Guide

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Power Draw 65 mA
Connectors RJ45, 4-Terminal Srewdown
Dimensions 10.5 cm (4-3/16") x 4.2 cm (1-11/16")