We.R Platform Annual Service Plan

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With We.R you manage the safety of your home and family - anywhere, anytime - using your personal mobile device or the We.R web application.
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The Smarthome @ Smartphone concept
We.R is about giving you more control via your Smartphone. With We.R you manage the safety of your home and family - anywhere, anytime - using your personal mobile device or the We.R web application. You gain full control of what happens in your premises - wherever you happen to be on your daily routine.

Manage your Home by remote means
Once you've installed the We.R system, you can manage remotely various functions of your home environment. A large array of sensors and detectors provide you with an accurate status - whenever an event occurs - or when you pro-actively want to get that information.

So what's the We.R platform all about?
The We.R Web and Smartphone interfaces have a modern, inspired design that provides you with easily accessible features. We.R operates through a modern & intuitive GUI furnishing a wide range of notifications - on various home scenarios (such as Burglary, SOS, Safety: CO, Flood, Smoke etc)

The We.R customer remotely

  • Arms / Disarms the system & its devices
  • Receives Video-on-Demand - anywhere anytime
  • Views an event history and filters event displays
  • Reviews events according to various parameters such as: Type and Chronology
  • Utilizes an advanced dashboard - displaying a full system status
  • Views a devices list that includes the current status
  • Receives push notifications via mobile device

Choose a We.R Platform Service Plan

The We.R system interface requires a one-time registration - for personal user definitions. Its dynamic administrator tool allows you to add new users and peripheral devices as the need arises.

The concept behind the We.R architecture is "build as you grow". Today you may use it for home comfort - but why narrow your options? Tomorrow you may want to expand into other intriguing markets - such as Healthcare monitoring, Smart Home applications, Energy Saving solutions or others. The platform you choose today - will affect your ability to grow tomorrow. You'd want any of your shifts to be as easy and seamless as it can. That's where our We.R platform plays a critical role.

We have built a powerful platform on which many modules can sit - and that's the beauty of it. Whatever your monitoring and control focus is - there's a field proven, seasoned and tested platform that can support your needs.

Together with our multi-service platform comes a large variety of multi-purpose peripherals that can be applied to specific application or scenario. Thus, granting you with an intelligent, cost effective and simple solution to growth through a single platform. The We.R Smartphone Apps are available in the App store and Android Market.

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