Environmental Controls

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Environmental Controls

Protecting your home from an intruder is one thing, but optimal home security involves protecting your home and personal belongings from environmental damage, as well. Fire and water damage are enormous threats to your keepsakes, furnishings and electrical equipment. With this in mind, HomeSecurityStore.com presents an array of top-quality environmental sensors and alarms to help you avoid such a loss.

In this section, you will find devices which will immediately detect a threat due to a water leak, rising humidity or temperature changes. Having the ability to detect these threats ahead of time means that you may be able to prevent a disaster such as a frozen pipe bursting and causing a flood in your home. The devices offered in this section will immediately alert you of a threat by attempting to reach you on several different phone lines, by sounding an audible alarm or both.

Some systems, such as the Freeze Alarm Deluxe, will even allow you to remotely adjust the temperature where it is installed. This means that you can not only remotely respond to a threat (and possibly thwart a disaster), but you can also adjust the temperature of your home from the road to make sure it is just right upon your arrival. The Freeze Alarm Deluxe will also alert you of an intruder, as well as water and flood dangers making it a very useful home security device.

Even if you are unable to completely avoid a disastrous event, our environmental controls can alert you ahead of time so that you can move furnishings and sensitive equipment to higher ground before they are ruined. In addition to having these devices installed in your primary residence, HomeSecurityStore.com recommends the installation of environmental controls in your office, as well as vacation properties. Environmental controls should be viewed as crucial components to your overall home security system.

Environmental Controls

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